Personal branding and job search have become more interconnected than ever before. This evolution started with citing your value proposition and achievements on your CV. Now, it is becoming the norm to define your brand in the same terms as leading corporations while keeping the language simple.

This new approach sees LinkedIn utilised and becoming more important than ever before. Taking all of this into account, how do you rebrand to enhance your job search?

LinkedIn and your CV

Increasingly, more and more recruiters use LinkedIn to see what you bring to the table. Therefore, it is important that your profile reflects this. If you have not updated your LinkedIn profile for a while, now is the time to revisit it.

The same applies to your CV. When putting your CV and LinkedIn profiles together you want to ensure your brand comes through. Achievements and value proposition are still vital, but you want to be able to show your professionalism and your brand values.

As we move further down the digital path you might want to use mediums such as slideshows and videos to do this if you feel they will convey your brand more effectively.

When you put your CV and LinkedIn profile together ensure they align with your career goals especially if you want to transition to a new career.


Your professionalism at you job needs to be seen in your appearance and in your conduct. You want your reputation to be as pristine as possible so that your colleagues would have no hesitation in recommending you for a position.

In terms of branding, your reputation and your brand work hand in hand. This is all part of your value proposition and all of it needs to be on point.


Blogging is a cornerstone of cementing a solid personal brand. James Caan of Dragon’s Den fame once said that he is always impressed when a job candidate has a blog. If you start blogging about major projects show the challenges and how you approached them, together with the results. Do not worry if you had to adjust your strategy during the project and ensure you feature this aspect in the blogs. It not only shows you are diligent but often makes interesting reading.