Let’s do lunch!

Call me!

I’ll ping you soon!

Come on … Seriously?

Have you heard all of these lines?

Have you spoken them? Typed them? Texted them?

One thing I have noticed over the past few years is that a lot of people say they want to connect. Which leads to the obvious question …

Do they REALLY want to connect?

This is not a slight against people that really do want to connect. This is a suggestion to be truthful … at least to yourself. If you have a genuine interest in connecting … great!

However, if you are just saying it to be kind … I’m suggesting you think of another thing to say. You don’t need to be mean about it, but you also don’t need to tell a ‘little white lie” either.

What does connecting really mean?

Different age groups have completely perspectives on “connecting”

  • What are “the best” ways to connect?
  • Are “connection points” age specific?
  • How do you know how someone wants to connect?

The answers are:

  • There is no “best” way for everyone. Connection can be context specific, location specific and age specific.
    • For example, if you are attending a trade show a text might be the best way to ensure you receive the “connection” information.
    • If you are traveling on business you might want to use a group chat tool like WhatsApp to ensure everyone is on the same page (and you can share pictures too).
    • If you are in the office you might want to use Slack, Yammer, or Skype to stay in touch and stay connected.
  • Maybe, it’s up to the individual. Millennials and Gen Z’s are more inclined to use messaging. Boomers and Gen X’s are more likely to rely upon email. But, every person has their own preferences and modes of working best for the given situation. The good news … (almost everyone) is willing to try things that will help them connect more effectively.
    • Pro Tip: Show them how and share your best practices.
    • Pro Tip: Be open to their ideas too. We can learn from each other.
  • Ask Them! If someone wants to connect … ask them “What’s the best way to connect?” (it’s that easy)

So, Are you REALLY interested in connecting?

If yes, how do you prove it and live it?

If no, just admit it and break the news to the person that wants to connect with you. Do it professionally and in a personal manner.