Gone are the days where you just show up for work, work hard and rest on the hope that someone will recognize that hard work and promote you. In this day of the fast-moving, digitally connected, and results oriented e-office you have to be ready to raise your hand and manage-up to get ahead. (“Convincing Your Boss to Make You a Manager,” Ranieri, A., Harvard Business Review.)

In order to manage-up you must be prepared. Self-promotion is key. This isn’t the self-promotion where you climb over you coworkers to get ahead, it’s more like personal branding. This is about showcasing your contributions and how you helped your team and the organization. Don’t go so far as to brag, but just be confident and proud of what you’ve helped accomplish.

You must ask for it. Anybody who achieves success in life didn’t sit around and wait for somebody to hand them something. They went out and got it. Make sure the decision makers know your interests and ask what you need to achieve to get there.

Then you need to focus on what matters. There are key metrics to every organization. Learn these key metrics and how they impact the business and bottom line. Then relate your work and results to them. When you sit down to discuss your accomplishments you need to be able to articulate and show how they improved those metrics.

Ask for meetings with senior leadership. Don’t be afraid of them. Set appointments with them to get their ideas and opinions on the industry, the work you’re doing and other items related to the business. Ask them what the biggest pain-points and problems are for the organization. Volunteer to address and solve them. You will learn, and you will be recognized by leadership as someone who is trying to solve problems–this will build your brand.

Most organizations (and leaders) love those who have disciplined initiative and take changes that help move the organization forward. You want to be one of “those people.”