Is your business struggling with poor or inconsistent employee attendance that’s costing a significant amount of money to cover?

You’re not alone.

According to, many companies today are dealing with employee absenteeism which is costing employers an average of $2,500 a day in expenses. While sick leave and time off are perfectly fine reasons for employee absences, other important issues such as morale, boredom, company culture, stress, and poor management can lead to a much larger volume of absent employees than normal.

Fortunately, there are several, low-cost ways to increase employee attendance at your business. Here’s a quick guide on where to start and how to keep up the momentum for current and future employees.

Establish Clear Paid Time Off & Sick Leave Policies

A good work life balance is the key to employee happiness and the first step in preventing abusive employee absenteeism. An employer taking advantage of an employee’s time will result in an overly absent employee, and a workplace without clear time off policies will result in the employee taking advantage of the employer.

There should be clear, balanced policies on exactly what is expected of the employee and what the consequences are if those expectations are not met. That way if there is ever any doubts or questions, the business owner has something specific to point to.

Improve Workplace Management & Culture

As this section of the guide implies, a good office culture starts with management and permeates down to every single employee. Studies show that employees who have strong and healthy relationships with supervisors often feel more appreciated and are less likely to take time off.

Managers can start building relationships through open communication with employees such as commending and rewarding them after a job well done. Over time, this will help to build trust between manager and employee – creating a feeling of comfort and sharing in the vision of the company.

Even something as small as a longer lunch break than normal or a break room with free coffee and snacks can dramatically increase an employees desire to attend work with a positive attitude.

Identify “hot spots” for each of your employees and build a “culture status quo” where employees help to shape the future of your organization. In other words, give employees a voice and act on that voice. Make these voices a fundamental part of the everyday chatter and values.

Track Attendance & Offer Rewards

It sounds obvious, but tracking and keeping a detailed record of employee attendance is important in identifying patterns and potentially making a change. Many companies have seen a great deal of success with employee scheduling software programs that automate the process and make it very easy for owners to see attendance data over time.

Once you have a system in place for tracking employee attendance records, the next step is to offer incentives for above-average performance. According to Inc., 55% of employees report that rewards in the workplace affect their overall performance.

When designing a reward system for your workplace, managers should keep in mind that rewards need to be tied to real employee accomplishments and not simply rewarding an employee for showing up to work. Doing so will ensure that employees do not feel a sense of entitlement and that they are internally motivated to go above and beyond for your business.

Establish a Healthy Work Environment

One thing businesses are seeing success with when it comes to boosting employee attendance is establishing a health and wellness program at work. These are especially important if your company identifies “sick leave” as the number one reason employees are missing work.

Something as simple as promoting health and wellness can improve attendance records over time as employees’ physical and mental well-being increases.

Great ideas for health and wellness programs include offering gym memberships, supplying fresh fruit at work, free personal training sessions, massages, spin classes, and so much more. This is a perfect opportunity to get creative and create a thriving company culture.

Now is as good of a time as ever to start boosting employee attendance at your business before it costs you another dime.

Remember that as with many major organizational changes, it all starts at the top and works its way down. Business owners and managers must set the example through their words and actions and loyal employees with follow suit.

Then, and only then, can businesses implement the strategies above to dramatically increase employee attendance.