One of the questions Addvocate hears when we are speaking to our customers is: How do I keep my employees on track and engaged in the platform? There isn’t an easy answer to this but what I always speak to is the value good content can bring to the individual. And that is what resonates with the users. By sharing good content, users will develop a positive reputation and be considered a thought leader across social.

Here is a quick checklist that we recommend you keep on top of mind when evaluating an employee advocacy platform:

  • Include employee advocacy into your larger social media strategy.
  • Build out metrics so your employees can be measured & rewarded for their social efforts.
  • Include moderation for those teams that don’t feel as socially savvy so rest assured, they will not post the wrong message.
  • Have your communications and marketing team populate the feed with any and all articles/blog posts that have been written about your company/industry.
  • Encourage all employees to share content that is unique & in their own voice.
  • Host ongoing trainings and refresher courses to keep the initiative fresh and top of mind.
  • Offer open office hours where all of your users can meet with your internal champion to have any and all questions answered whether it be regarding social media etiquette or employee advocacy
  • Hone in on consist & authentic content! Remember, people like connecting with people, not just a brand.
  • The C-Level Domino Effect: Ask upper management and executives to share content. If the leaders show that they are investing their time in this effort, others will follow.
  • Encourage healthy competition & leaderboards, this will drive positive internal commotion and active sharing.
  • A prize goes a long way. Thank your top Advocates with something such as a free lunch or a coffee gift card. This will keep people motivated.

Have any other items for this list? Let us know!