Job posting websites are great as they are very convenient to use. A large bulk of Filipino remote staff or online freelancers frequent job posting sites and their virtual assistant database is quite substantial. Using job posting sites can also help you save a lot of money as you can publish your projects there at no cost.

Here are some advantages when utilizing job bidding sites with an established sourcing management system:

  • Someone is always there to assist you if you have any concern
  • Some job bidding sites can provide you with free online resources and virtual assistant tools
  • Remote staff recruitment agencies usually have a payment system that you can use
  • There usually is a money-back guarantee

But before you go ahead and start using job bidding sites, you need to consider certain drawbacks:

  • You may have to learn the system used by job bidding sites. If you’re planning to sign up into 4 job posting websites, then you may have to start learning 4 different systems
  • There may be additional charges
  • Most job posting sites will require you to stay with them for a certain period of time. This may not be practical if you only have a one-time short-term task

Final Thoughts

First of all, job bidding as well as posting sites are fantastic system to utilize. There’s no need to manage everything from scrape and every single issue you need to know is described on the FAQ. The presence of customer support and community message board also provides you with the assurance that somebody is going to be there to assist you if your need arises.

Bidding sites are also wonderful if you have multiple small-sized tasks that you want done in succession. They can provide you with skilled and professional part-time and project-based VAs.

Most business owners who are now employing full-time VAs started building their virtual team by hiring part-time virtual assistants.

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