How a Program Manager Can Help Drive Greater Efficiency

If you’re currently working with freelancers, you’ve already got a leg up in today’s super-competitive talent market. With nearly 54 million people freelancing in the U.S. alone, more and more companies are looking to freelance talent for a smart and easily scalable way to get work done. And this trend is only going to continue to grow.

Collaborating with freelancers has its own unique workflows and processes. As a result, there are new tools, technology solutions, and types of talent you can engage to help you drive even more efficiency. One type of talent you can engage to optimize your projects is a program manager.

What Is a Program Manager?

Also known as a project manager or program coordinator, a program manager can help you get your freelance team up and running quickly and smoothly. Organized and process-driven, they can tackle a variety of projects and tasks to boost productivity.

Let’s look at five key ways a program coordinator can help you save time and money.

  1. Sourcing talent

Like most professionals, you’re probably incredibly busy and wishing there were more hours in the day. The traditional hiring process can be lengthy—it typically takes 23 days, which is almost two weeks longer than it took four years ago. A program coordinator can help you save a significant amount of time by looking for qualified talent for you. In addition to filling your talent pipeline, they can also pre-screen workers and narrow the pool to the best of the best, saving you countless hours.

  1. Interviewing and hiring talent

Scheduling interviews with talent can be a time-consuming endeavor, which makes the interview process a great task to delegate to a program manager. With expertise in recruiting, your program manager can conduct interviews and help you find the right fit for your team.

One Silicon Valley-based tech company needed to find freelance translators to help them expand into new markets. As a starting point, they engaged a program coordinator to source and interview linguistic pros with expertise translating a variety of languages. Now the company has four program managers who have found more than 100 qualified freelance translators, covering 21 languages, in more than 30 countries.

  1. Setting up new freelancers

A program coordinator can help you not only find a great freelancer but also get them up and running quickly. Whether your company requires a background check, skills validation, or other requirements, your program manager can work with the freelancers to ensure they complete all the necessary steps and paperwork to get started. They can also help bring freelancers up to speed on the project, timelines, and deliverables.

  1. Keeping the project on track

Working with a program coordinator has many benefits, especially when it comes to the daily operations of your program. A program coordinator can help make sure your projects are a success by:

  • Ensuring timelines and deliverables are met
  • Reviewing and approving bills
  • Making sure you have the right resources at the right time

When you have a team of 50 freelancers, it can be challenging to create an efficient workflow and ensure you have the right resources when you need them. Because social media is a 24/7, 365-days-a-year business, one tech company that monitors social media channels engaged a program manager to ensure 24-hour coverage.

In addition, program managers can also ensure timelines and deliverables are met and delivered in line with the client’s standards. The tech company’s program manager developed a QA process and engaged QA freelance professionals to help the team consistently deliver great work.

Another laborious task they can take off your plate? Reviewing and approving bills.

  1. Optimizing for even more efficiency

Masters of efficiency, program managers can find ways to streamline processes and reduce time and costs. From maximizing your budget to hiring the right skill set for the task at hand, they can also analyze team capacity and build models to boost productivity—and your bottom line.

From day-to-day operations to big-picture analysis, a program manager can help you drive greater efficiency and cost savings for your freelancer engagements. Whether they’re screening candidates or ensuring deliverables are submitted on time and on budget, consider engaging a program manager to help you get more work done, faster.

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