shutterstock_184644596Many employees use buzzwords at work. While they may think using these phrases will make them seem smarter, it is actually the opposite. These phrases are often annoying and meaningless. Also, they may hurt your credibility at work. If you want to move up the career ladder, you should be careful about how you speak and the words you choose. Therefore, avoid using the following phrases at work.

“That is not my job, ” “I don’t get paid to do this,” or “This is not my problem.”

Using these phrases will leave a negative effect on the other person. If you really don’t have time to do the task or you believe someone else is better suited for that task, then you can recommend that person explaining the reason. “This is not within my scope of work. I believe s/he is better suited for this task because ….” or “I can help. I am currently working on X and Y. Which one should I place on hold while I am working on this new task? ”

“I don’t like this job,” “I don’t like this company,” or “I don’t like my boss.”

Unfortunately, gossiping is very common in workplaces. Therefore, don’t be naïve and never tell your co-workers that you hate your job or boss. You never know who could use this information against you. If you want to talk about your problems at work, talk with someone who doesn’t work in the same workplace with you. Moreover, if you have problems with your boss, talk to him/her and express your feelings honestly.

“I cannot do this,” “This is impossible.”

Rather than being negative and pessimistic, try to find a solution. Employers prefer problem-solving, can-do attitude compared to a hopeless attitude. Try to reconsider the circumstances and look at the possible solutions from a different perspective. Then, explain your thoughts in a more positive way. “I will reconsider the issue” or “What I can do is this…”

“It is not my fault.”

Maybe it is really not your fault but this implies that you are blaming your coworkers in order to save yourself. This is a very selfish behavior especially if you are working in a team setting. Your coworkers may try to avoid working with you in the future because you are not taking any responsibility for the team and only think yourself.