Trixieliko / Pixabay

December is a busy month. You’re trying to tie up loose ends as the year winds down, scrambling to find gifts for family and friends, attending a variety of holiday events, and gearing up for the start of another year. It can be easy to think that, just as you’re super busy, employers are too. Hitting pause on your job search can seem logical; you’ll get started again after January 1.

However, keeping your job search moving forward during the holidays can actually pay off. The end of the year can actually be a great time to land a new job because employers are trying to fill any lingering job openings and start off the new year with a full team. They may also be using up the last of their budget to create positions they need before the new budget is put in place.

Here are some ways you can keep your job search going this December:

  • Continue scouring job boards, social media, LinkedIn, and company websites to jump on jobs as soon after their posted as you can. You may find yourself up against less competition because more people have slowed their efforts over the holidays.
  • Use holiday parties as a way to casually mingle and meet new people. Put out feelers for potential job opportunities and let people know you’re looking. Don’t be too aggressive and ruin the holiday spirit, but start building connections that can pay off.
  • Volunteer with organizations that align with your interests and career prospects. This can help you to build skills, gain relevant experience, meet professionals in the industry, and possibly get your foot in the door. You never know when someone will recognize your talent and recommend you for a job. Plus, it’s more experience to add to your resume.
  • Take the time to update your resume with the most current metrics and accomplishments from the past year. If you haven’t revised it in a while, now is the time so you’re ready to go when you find a job opening you’re interested in or have a potential connection asking for your information.

Instead of shutting down over the holidays, stay active and engaged. While everyone else is waiting for the New Year to get back into the swing of things, you can be taking advantage of having less competition and jumping on new job openings. If you wait too long, they may disappear once January 1 comes around and they have not been filled yet because employers are reassessing their needs and resources.