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People are your company’s greatest asset.  Check out these articles to help define a successful HR strategy for your business to keep your employees motivated.

Recruitment Best Practices: Recruiting in the Modern Age

Raise your hand if you thought the post-pandemic labor market would lean so heavily towards job seekers. Clearly, it does.…

Stacy Lee
November 19, 2021
Human Resources

How to Say Thank You in 2021

From where I (and many other people) stand, 2021 was an all-out sprint compared to the marathon that was 2020.…

Chris Biscuiti
November 19, 2021
Human Resources

The Opportunities and Challenges of a Millennial Workforce

The dynamics of the global workforce demographics are headed towards paradigm shifts. In most nations, millennials now represent the largest…

Jessica Robinson
November 15, 2021
Human Resources

5 Easy Ways to Introduce Automation Into Your Recruiting Workflow

As a recruiter, you already multi-task between sourcing candidates, screening resumes, scheduling discovery calls, and progressing candidates in the hiring…

Yash Chawlani
November 12, 2021
Human Resources

3 Things Gen-Z Employees Expect From Their Workplace

Gen-Z has entered the workplace, making up around 24% of the workforce in 2020. And this number will only grow…

Matt Thomas
November 10, 2021
Human Resources

Employee Retention: How to Compete With Big Companies

How can your agency compete with big companies on hiring, when they pay big salaries? An agency leader asked me…

Karl Sakas
November 8, 2021
Human Resources

Promoting Diversity Through Recruiting Tools

Today’s workforce expects more from their employer and company than just a salary. They want to be recognized as an…

Stacy Lee
November 6, 2021
Human Resources

Performance Management Trends to Watch Out For

Performance management is changing with the evolving workforces, work structures, and new technologies. If organizations are committed to developing their…

Riley Steinbach
November 3, 2021
Human Resources

How to Reduce Time-to-Hire Using a Recruitment Tool

Recruitment is an inherently challenging process that requires attention to detail, a methodic approach, and consistency. Yet, the COVID-19 crisis…

Stacy Lee
November 2, 2021
Human Resources

How Recruitment Tools are Reshaping HR

The Great Resignation is continuing to get, well, greater. Employees are continuing to depart from the workforce in increasingly larger…

Stacy Lee
October 30, 2021
Human Resources

From ‘Great’ to ‘Ghoulish’: Surviving as Resignations Get Even Scarier

This might be the scariest Halloween that organizations and leaders have ever faced. Grim year-end forecasts. Ongoing supply chain(saw) massacres…

Julie Winkle Giulioni
October 28, 2021
Human Resources

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