Attracting the right applicants to your job description—and getting them to actually apply—starts with crafting a posting job seekers can’t resist. Even more difficult, though, can be optimizing your description so applicants can find it online.

For that to happen successfully, your job posting needs to be relevant and searchable in major search engines, using the right keywords and keyword phrases throughout the title and body of the description.

Here are three easy ways you can start optimizing your job descriptions with keywords immediately.

1. Write Searchable Job Titles with Relevant Keywords

The keywords you use in your title should represent the job titles the prospective candidates are most likely to search. Call the position whatever you want internally, but save fancy, creative titles for the body of your description.

For example, a job seeker looking for open “Senior Copywriter” positions may not be likely to search for a job titled “Creative Wordsmith.” To make your job posting easier to find, keep the job title simple and direct on the job boards.

You can also include keywords frequently searched by job seekers in your industry. In the example above, the job title could specify the industry or type of copy the employee would be writing—such as “Senior IT Copywriter” or “Senior Marketing Copywriter.”

2. Write a Keyword-Heavy Job Description

To increase the visibility of your job advertisement even further in search engine results, make sure you include a well-written description that includes keywords relevant to the role. Write a complete description that includes an overview of the role, key responsibilities, qualifications and additional information about your company.

Here are a few types of keywords you should consider using:

Branded keywords: This would include specific terms or phrases a job seeker would recognize from your website or marketing.

Product names: Job seekers who are eager to work for your company may be likely to search for jobs with the name of your company’s flagship product in the title.

Location: Include the city and state for the position as part of your description.

Industry terms: Incorporate any acronyms and names of software programs or tools that are relevant to the job.

To avoid overusing keywords, try to incorporate them naturally throughout the posting to preserve the voice and tone of your company.

Follow these two simple steps to drive more traffic to your job advertisements. And to make the process even easier, utilize your applicant tracking system to share your posting with millions of job seekers. For many applicant tracking solutions, this includes automatically publishing your job posting on leading Internet job boards and being able to manage all of them from one central location.

Now that you know the basics about optimizing your job postings, it’s time to get started.