The lean startup may be de rigueur, but nonprofits have been living that experience forever. Dependent upon donations, volunteers, foundations, and free office space, nonprofit founders know how to get things done for less.

Dana Edell, Executive Director of SPARK, is a veteran of two nonprofit startups. Join us as she describes the essentials for creating a nonprofit that will succeed:

1. Map your communities assets—what need is not being met?

2. Find great mentors!

3. Document every victory and use these to build support.

4. Know how to ask for money. Fundraising is part of your mission.

A champion of girls and women, in just three years Dana has garnered the support of women in Hollywood and the women’s movement, changed the editorial guidelines at Seventeen Magazine and has become the go-to source for major media. For example, when The New York Times was looking for commentary on Miley Cyrus’ sexualized performance at the 2013 MTV Awards, they turned to SPARK.

Whether for profit or not, Dana’s highly intelligent insights can get you closer to making your vision a reality.

Meet Frank Juliano, the new Director of Reeves-Reed Arboretum and learn how this nonprofit adopted for-profit business practices. For a fantastic family food affair, check out Greenie Tots!

Videography by James K. Blake III