I Hope I Get It,” the first song in A Chorus Line, has lyrics that could have been written for a show about business executives in the midst of a job search.

Of course, all of the singers and dancers are working to get a coveted spot in a chorus line on Broadway.

“I Hope I Get It”
The song title is a simple declarative statement of desire that hides desperation, which comes later.

“I’ve Come This Far”
Throughout the job search, it’s important to recognize that each step is a victory.

“How Many People Does He Need?”
Another way to ask: What are the odds of getting the desired job?

“I Can’t Imagine What He Wants”
The good and bad news is the hiring manager may not know what s/he wants either. This can help the more creative job search candidate who has tailored their positioning for the specific opportunity.

“I’ve Got to Get this Job”
Out of work a long time? Running out of money? No other leads from your job search? This is when job candidates desperately seek jobs that they would have turned down only a few months earlier.

“I Really Blew It…He Doesn’t Like the Way I…Now I’ll Never Make It!”
We’ve all left an interview feeling: There’s no hope of getting a second interview.

“I Think I’ve Got It”
Confidence during your job search can be rebuilt with a single phrase by the interviewer…although it’s not necessarily meaningful and often generates false hope.

“Still It Isn’t Over”
As Yogi Berra reportedly said: “It’s not over until it’s over.” Therefore, keep up the job search until a good offer officially has been made.

“I Knew I Had It from the Start”
While this isn’t the conclusion of “I Hope I Get It,” each successful step in the job search process generates confidence that helps candidates get ready for the next step in the hiring process.

I hope you get the job you’re aiming at and have a long run.