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I’ve shared my thoughts before about the power of music during job search. In that post I shared some of the songs that helped me get through my transition. And I also told you when and how the music lifted me up. However you get your “lift”, you need to get recharged regularly during job search.

Because there’s a lot to bring you down if you are focusing too much on the negative.

I also told you about my friend who re-named her job search something more positive and bought her self some pink vans to celebrate.

So you have to stay “up” because doing so will allow you to stay confident and positive even when you don’t have as many reasons to do so.

As I was listening to an interview on NPR the other day, I was struck by a voice and then a story about a small flash mob that showed up at an employment office in Spain. Here’s the video:

Now I’ve been called a softie before, but this video lifted me up. I don’t know how you’ll react to the video.

I just know I needed encouragement on certain days back in 2007. And based on your reaction to Sharon’s post on Friday (Read: 14 Encouraging Thoughts For Anyone In Job Search), at least a few of you are like me.

But what does encouragement really do? Anything? After all, it doesn’t find you a job, a lead or even help you with your resume.

Is it really worth much when it doesn’t actually change the game?

Well, yes it is. It gives you courage and a new resolve to go out and try again. It also changes your view of things. From dismal to possible. Or from can’t do, to maybe or yes I can.

And if that sounds sappy to you, so be it. But whatever it takes to get you back out there networking is good enough for me.

So, what did you think of the video?