Be sure to find a good mentor as you go down the recruiting path. Mentors, and their back story, offer real world advice because they have lived it.  They can help validate what you are feeling and tell you a few of their own war stories to help make you feel not so alone.  If you are in an office setting, you can probably find someone there to take you under their wing. However, if you work from a home base, having a mentor may be harder to find. Either way, a mentor is crucial to your success. Here are some important aspects of mentorship.

Finding a mentor

You need to build a network.  Talk to other recruiters.  Find the ones that you look up to, that have built a successful recruiting business, and make them your teachers.  And at the same time, don’t forget to help those behind you that are coming up the ranks.

Acknowledging mentors

Every mentor I had in my recruiting career seemed to help me advance two or more years ahead. Not only do you save time by not trying to figure things out by yourself, but your relationships in the business often evolve into amazing experiences, such as conferences and networking events.

It’s important to remember your mentor’s contributions.  It’s easy to lose sight of the people that helped you conquer your own personal mountain, once you’re standing at the top. We’re so quick to start setting our aspirations to new mountains, before looking back and reviewing how we got there.

Mentors vs numbers

Yes, numbers are easier to point to as benchmarks of success, but it’s really the people that made those numbers grow. It’s how you helped someone or made a difference in someone’s life.

Without building relationships, and only focusing on the transaction, life ends up empty instead of full.  Start with the end in mind, so you know the money is not the end game.  Even the stuff you buy means nothing without loved ones to share it with. Relationships make a difference.  Use your time to build something good and lasting. This is what all my good mentors taught me along the way. And that’s why every day is fun, and this road rarely feels like work!

Thank you to Sharon Mengel and Vince Alcarese who were my first true mentors at GE. They taught me to make sure I use business to increase my quality of life. It can be a great synergy when done right!

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