Tru Access Blog - THE MEASURE OF MILLENNIAL CONFIDENCE As I continue this series on Millennial Leadership, I’m excited to share insights from the session on Confidence from our Leadership Boot Camp. We had the pleasure of having Travis Mitchell, President of Communities In Schools of Wake County NC; share a powerful message on Confidence as a leadership attribute with our talented group of millennials.

When you think of leadership attributes, confidence is a given in most peoples minds. But how do you build your confidence? How do you maintain your confidence? And how do your restore confidence that has been shaken? These are all questions that Travis Mitchell addressed in his session on Confidence as a leadership attribute during our Leadership Boot Camp.

In addition to being a powerful and engaging speaker, Travis was honest and transparent. He walked the audience through his personal journey of finding his confidence, losing his confidence and regaining a measure of confidence that cannot and will not be shaken ever again.

Unfortunately, I can’t go into the compelling details of Travis’s journey in this post, but I can share the lessons and perspectives that he provided. One of the biggest take-a-ways for me from this session on Confidence was that Confidence is a game changer! No matter what the situation or circumstance may be, when you exude confidence, your team and those around you see you differently and respond to you differently. Having confidence in your self yields the confidence of others. It also helps them find their own confidence.

As many millennials are starting to exercise their leadership muscles, it will require a substantial measure of confidence to elevate that leadership to game changing levels of greatness. On your journey to greatness, be sure to handle your confidence attribute with care so that you don’t lose it or allow it to consume you in the form of arrogance.

Understand these seven things about Confidence:

1. Confidence grows from belief

2. Confidence is contagious

3. Confidence will be tested

4. Confidence moves you to act

5. Confidence fuels your faith

6. Confidence powers your plans

7. Confidence is required for leadership

Your measure of confidence is directly related to what you can accomplish as a leader. And what you believe affects who and what you become.

“You have to first believe you are a great leader before you become one.” ~ Tru Pettigrew