Today’s marketing world is a highly competitive space, making it more important than ever for marketers to leverage available resources to truly enhance their careers.

Marketing professionals today must take a proactive approach in creating new opportunities for themselves. Those who keep their eyes open, engage with top recruitment firms, and actively employ best practices for finding new jobs improve the opportunities they have available to them.

As a marketing recruitment agency, we work with top marketing talent in helping them identify new job opportunities and strive to provide guidance across all parts of the job search process.

If you’re a marketing professional wondering how to successfully navigate a job change, there are a few important measures to take to ensure you get the most out of working with your recruiter:

What Makes a Good Next Step in Your Career

Know What You Want Early On

As soon as you start contemplating a new job opportunity, there are key things to take into consideration.

Most people wait until they’re already engaged with an opportunity for a new job to start thinking about factors that are really important to them. However, it’s critical to establish all of your non-negotiables, priorities and needs from a job early on. Details like possible relocation, compensation and company culture are key factors to take into consideration before committing to a job search.

Top recruitment firms are easily able to identify candidates who aren’t adequately prepared. Avoid getting yourself on the path of interviewing for a job and realizing it’s not what you want after you’re engaged with it. Establish your long-term career path and how you want your next opportunity to fit in with it prior to reaching out to a recruiter. This will save both you and your marketing recruitment agency from wasting time and make room for a more efficient job search.

Transparency Is the Secret to Success

Many times, people perceive the recruiter as solely working for the client so they tend to withhold very important information that could impact the outcome of an opportunity.

However, it’s important to realize the recruiter works to support both the employer and candidate, and wants a win-win situation for both sides. Top recruitment firms aren’t going to favor one side over another (at least, they shouldn’t) and should be regarded as a neutral party.

The more transparent you are about all of the things that are important including compensation, culture and your ultimate career goals, the better off all parties will be. Being communicative and letting your recruiter know of any changes such as a promotion or job offer is crucial. By doing this, they can adjust search parameters respectively, creating a more accurate depiction of your current career state. This also allows you to avoid wasting your time and theirs.

Get the Most Out of Your Recruiter

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Your relationship with your marketing recruitment agency should be like a partnership. They have a wealth of intelligence in recruiting for cutting-edge talent and are subject matter experts who acquire and identify top talent on a daily basis.

Whether you’ve successfully landed a job or not, don’t hesitate to ask for advice. Leverage a recruiter’s extensive years of experience evaluating resumes, talking to clients and interviewing candidates to your advantage. Regardless of the outcome, you can walk away with valuable insights to make yourself a better candidate and you’ll feel more adequately prepared to take on future opportunities.

Be Realistic

As a marketing recruitment agency, we know which companies are looking to hire, the skill sets that are in high demand and how much organizations are willing to pay for cutting-edge talent in today’s digital space.

Listen to what your recruiter has to say about the current job market and how your expertise fits in. If you’re a more traditional marketer that isn’t adept in the latest technical trends, it’s going to be difficult to secure a digital role no matter how many years of experience you have in marketing.

It’s important to be realistic in your skill set and capabilities. Your recruitment agency can help you tailor your resume to highlight relevant skills to the position you’re applying for. But if you’re missing a necessary skill or trait the employer’s looking for, a few simple edits can’t change that.

If you find that you’re lacking in skills compared to other marketers, proactively expand your capabilities by taking online courses and training to stay ahead in a digital world.


Recruiters are more than just a liaison between you and a potential employer. The right marketing recruitment agency can be a key ally in finding your next job opportunity and propelling you forward through your entire journey as a marketer.

When you’re trying to find a new job, it’s important to set yourself up for success. Don’t stand in the way of your own career – these simple steps will ensure you’re fully prepared for your next job search.