Digital media has changed the way we access information. In some ways, the change is good and much more efficient. Being able to easily send large files versus faxing or even mailing them is definitely a plus for executing business in a timely manner. But do we really want to see the death of the business card or the book? No. There is something elegant and stately about well-designed custom business cards. In a digital age dare to standout and hang on to a business tradition; make cool business cards that people want to keep.

Tips for Making Cool Business Cards

  • Brand recognition. When designing your cards, make sure that you keep the branding consistent with your already established marketing collateral. That doesn’t me that it has to be the same, it just has to be easily recognizable and associated with your brand.
  • Creative options. There are a lot of really great creative options.  One great site to check out is You can customize designs and create your own. If you work in a conservative line of work, you want to stand out a little bit but not go over the top. Clean and classic designs are best for you. If you work in more cutting edge field where pushing boundaries is acceptable, by all means embrace something modern and edgy. Align yourself with the climate of your business culture and make it your own.
    • Die cut.  Die cut options are a fun way to make your business cards standout. There are lots of different shapes offered. The one thing to think about is that some of these shapes might not easily fit into a wallet.
    • Extra thick. Extra thick paper is great way to draw attention to your business cards. They’ll hold up and have a strong presence.
    • Folded. Folded business cards are not only stylish but functional too. You can use the extra space to give more information about yourself or offer a promotional code.
    • Rounded corners. Rounded corners are the simplest way to add a bit of subtle style to your cards. Rounded corners offer a clean, finish to most any design.
  • Make them memorable. You can further personalize with your cards with a photo. Look to your industry on whether that is an acceptable practice and if it isn’t, decide if it’s a boundary worth pushing. Add your logo or a sub mark of your logo.  Add a clever one liner about your business and you – something that creates a distinction.
  • Make them informative. Supply a one sentence or phrase about what you do – engaging the reader and answering why you are better at what you do than anyone else.
  • Make them readable. Sometimes people get carried away with script-y fonts and too many embellishments. Remember the ultimate goal of your business card is to convey value to the recipient and to make an authentic connection. Use copy wisely and with intent. Don’t use hard to read fonts.
  • Choose quality paper. Do not skimp out on the paper. Use a good quality paper that’s at minimum 110 lb. These cards represent you and are associated with you. You don’t want that association to include “cheap”.

Business cards are still a great networking tool. Making cool business cards to hand out to prospective clients and customers is like handing them portable salespeople. Design your cards with thought and care and it will show in the final product.  There are plenty of spaces in life when being cool is irrelevant. Having cool business cards doesn’t mean conforming, it means capturing you and your company’s voice on paper in a cool and stylish way.