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It’s an increasingly common stand-off among today’s business leaders: They all see the value in employee engagement, yet they still don’t want to pay too much to achieve it. But what if I told you there were some low-cost, high-impact options for boosting employee engagement on your team?

Here are a few affordable and effective strategies for you to consider.

How to Increase Employee Engagement—Without Breaking the Bank

Give personal attention to each employee. Yes, it really can be that simple. Your employees want to feel like you care about them as individuals—not just cogs in the machine. Make an effort to talk to employees one-on-one. Ask how they are doing, what resources they need to do their work better, and what ideas they have for the company. Above all, just listen!

Collect ideas from your employees. Along the same lines, let employees know that you genuinely care about the ideas they have—the suggestions they can offer for doing things a little better. That doesn’t mean you have to act on these ideas, but do have an open door policy, and an openness to hearing out your employees if they want to come brainstorm with you.

Have an enabling infrastructure. One of the most foundational ways to improve employee engagement is to make sure everyone has the resources and the training they need to do their work. To get started, why not send out an employee survey? Ask your employees to tell you if there are any obstacles they have to their day-to-day work, and what you could do to remove some of those obstacles.

Allocate control. Another way to boost engagement is to give employees real autonomy. This doesn’t have to cost you a thing: Simply give employees real responsibilities, then some room to get results all on their own. It’s all about letting your team members feel like you trust them. (And if you don’t trust them, why did you hire them?)

Offer new challenges. Finally, make sure your employees don’t stagnate. If you have someone who’s been on the team for a while, consider ways to stretch that employee. Don’t let them get bored doing the same old thing day after day and week after week.

With these simple steps, you can engage your team members—and not have to spend much money to do so.