getting fired is not the end of the worldCandidates often call us right after they have been let go and one of the first things they ask me is if anyone will ever hire them again if they’ve been fired. In a nutshell – yes – especially if you have a solid work history prior to the employer that fired you. So if you’ve found yourself in this sticky situation and feel like someone punched you in the gut, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Most HR Managers know that fit is everything, and particularly in stressful law environments, fit is essential. In fact, over 50% the terminations I have done in my career were due to fit issues, rather than work performance.

Finding the right job is like dating and finding the right soulmate. Just because one employer “dumped you” does’t mean that the next employer won’t think you’re a superstar. It’s all about matching the right skills and the right personalities.

If you have been terminated by several employers though, you need to start asking yourself if you’ve chosen the right career path. Several terminations on a resume are red flags to most hiring managers as it indicates that multiple employers took issue with your quality of work or people skills.

While it’s devastating, losing your job is definitely not the end of the world. More often than not, getting terminated is usually due to a “fit issue” not performance. However, if you do find that you’ve been fired multiple times in the same field of employment, it might be time to broaden your horizons. Remember, you’re not alone, almost everyone you know will most likely know someone besides you who is unemployed or has been employed. It’s a normal part of life.

If you’ve recently been fired, your new full-time job is to find a new job. Ignore the temptation to lay in bed or watch television all day. Although these activities may seem therapeutic at the time, they’re not. You should do something every day to look for a new job or become better prepared for your job.