tech, talent acquisition, solution, HCM, HRThese days, it seems like there are more talent acquisition solutions than you can shake a stick at. Most of these technologies all have the same goal: to simplify the talent acquisition process; however, the sheer number and diversity of solution types can make the decision-making process more difficult than the actual talent search! More and more organizations are going to need to find a way to effectively sift through their options, if Aberdeen’s Talent Acquisition 2014 survey is any indicator; 46% of respondents cited the need to update and replace existing technology as a top pressure impacting their organization from a talent acquisition perspective.

There is a way to cut through the noise and find the right solution for your company. There are five key differentiators that set the most valuable providers apart from the rest of the pack: delivery models, social capabilities, mobility, ease of use, and product roadmap. When you’re evaluating different solutions, ask these five questions to determine how they rank on these differentiators:

  1. Are You Software as a Service (SaaS)?Buyer beware: many on-premises or highly customizable solutions will try to market themselves as SaaS or cloud providers when they are not.
  2. What Social Capabilities Do You Offer?88% of organizations are using or are planning to use social media in their recruitment efforts over the next year, so social is a big deal for tech providers.
  3. What Mobile Capabilities Do You Offer?The use of mobile in recruitment is still evolving, and is becoming increasingly important to candidates. Many providers will state they are mobile-friendly, but make them walk you through their mobile features to see how truly mobile-capable the solution is.
  4. What is the User Experience?The user interface of your talent acquisition solution should be simple, modern, and configurable, as well as easy to use for hiring managers and candidates alike.
  5. What is Your Product Roadmap?This might seem like a strange question, but the ability to share a product roadmap with a potential customer shows a solution provider’s vision for the futire of the solution, which can give a customer a greater insight into whether that solution is a good fit now and in the future.

Choosing the right talent acquisition solution can be difficult; make things a little easier on yourself by reading “Five Questions Before Selecting a Recruitment Provider,” and learn what you should look out for in a solution.