This is an extract from a letter to a friend who’s looking for a new job.

LinkedIn’s Vanity Marketing Landing Page (Photo credit: DavidErickson)

I always suggest that people have to follow two simultaneous strategies which are narrowcast and broadcast. Broadcast means

getting your CV out to as many people as possible and making it publicly known that you are looking. Narrowcast is targeting companies or individuals.

Broadcast job search

  • Network frequently and with everyone that you know
    • Sign up for as many job newsletters as you can.
    • Write a new CV – for you in multiple languages and there are some good companies who for a small fee will critique your CV for you.
    • N.B. There are also lots of bogus companies out there which try to get thousands of pounds out of you to help you find a job. Be very careful.
      • Post your CV on job sites
      • Do this, newsletters and posting CVs, on German, French and English sites for any language that you speak as there is a lot of cross over
      • Sign up to the LinkedIn Job Seekers package
      • This lets you send InMails to 15 people a month
      • It tells you who has visited your LinkedIn page
      • If anyone interesting visits my LinkedIn page I immediately send them an InMail. These might be people from interesting companies or from Head Hunters
        • Expand your entry on LinkedIn to show more of what you did and what your achievements were. So many companies look first at someone’s LinkedIn profile you should make it as good as you can.
        • Join LinkedIn groups that target either the industry sector or job function that you are interested in.
        • You can send messages directly to people in the same group without using up your InMail quota
        • You can also get good ideas of companies to target as their employees are members of the same group
        • Post comments in the LinkedIn Groups that you join so that people see that you are around and may be aware of you if you target a company
          • Find other places where people write articles about your industry and where you can also post comments on articles. This can often be done through signing up to newletters from magazines etc. that are online.
          • Identify the main head hunters in the countries that you are targeting. This is both head hunters who are specific to your industry as well as the large head hunters. I am assuming that your relations with your former employers are still good as their HR may be able to suggest companies to target.
          • I also found the names of many of the head hunters by signing up for job newsletters which then referred to specific Head Hunters.
          • There may be head hunters who specialise in Interim Roles. These can be useful to get your name known and also for short term employment prospects. However, the market for Interims is quite weak, oversupply, but never despair.

Narrow Cast job search tactics

  • Create lists of competitors to your former employer, suppliers to this point in the supply chain and customers of your former employers at this point in the supply chain. These are all primary targets for you as you know their markets reasonably well.
  • Use LinkedIn to find people at those companies, hopefully some of them will be direct or second level contacts that you can say you have mutual friends to, send them InMails asking for advice about finding jobs in the sector, don’t ask about jobs directly.
  • Go through trade show lists of suppliers, competitors to find companies to target. The list of companies is often online in a show directory
  • Use all your business development skills to make cold calls, find new opportunities, get the chance to talk to people
  • Talk to your friends and contacts in the industry. It is amazing what they might know about opportunities.
  • If you have left your former employer on good terms, I assume that you have, ask your old boss is it is alright to contact your former customers to tell them personally that you are leaving and ask them if they know of any other companies you might like to contact. Don’t burn your bridges with your former employer no matter how angry you are

I hope this helps and never give up.