Finding the perfect employee to hire is never easy. After all, you need to assess the person’s skills for the position and ensure that their personality (and dedication) is the right fit for your company’s culture. Now add to that the fact that you’re looking to hire a remote worker, and the pressure doubles. But it’s actually quite easy to hire a telecommuting employee who has the necessary qualifications for the job and will be a great addition to your remote workforce. Here are the five characteristics to look for in a telecommuting staffer.

Superior communication skills. When employees are scattered across the globe, dashing down the hallway to ask a quick question is, well, out of the question. So you’ll need to have an employee who has excellent communication skills. Not only will your employee need to feel free to ask questions as they come up, but she’ll also have to have the courage to speak up if she’s having a problem, too.

A problem solver. Whether it’s a misunderstanding with another coworker to losing a month’s worth of important—and irreplaceable—data, your employee should be the ultimate problem-solver. While it’s great for her to be able to communicate with you if there’s an issue, an ideal candidate would be able to solve the problem before you even need to find out about it.

Detail-oriented. Sure, every employee whom you hire needs to be detail-oriented, but even more so with a remote staffer. It can be really easy for details to fall by the wayside and without that face-to-face, in-office interaction, the consequences of sloppy work might not come to light until later. An organized employee will have excellent follow-up skills and respond to queries quickly, which is crucial with a telecommuting staff.

Previous telecommuting experience. While it’s not always an indicator of future success, it’s a good sign if your applicant has worked in previous telecommuting jobs. This shows that the person is comfortable working on her own, and does not need to be overly managed in order to be an effective worker.

Tech-savvy. Beyond the basics of knowing how to utilize the company’s cloud-based system, your employee should be somewhat tech-savvy. Without an IT team to put out fires (or reboot the system), your staffer should be able to handle herself should a tech crisis occur.

If you keep in mind the extra qualities a remote worker needs to possess, you’ll definitely ensure a successful employer/employee relationship.