Credit: Wikipedia Commons
Credit: Wikipedia Commons

The time has come to stop doing candidate phone-screening interviews manually.

The reason is not to take the human element out of hiring. In reality, it actually makes the hiring process more human, as automated screening software gives every candidate gets a voice. And there are still in-person interviews or even a second round of phone screenings before you’d ever even think about hiring someone.

Just stop doing the initial screenings manually. Why? It hurts you, the candidates and the candidate pool.

Doing Them Manually

So think about doing initial phone screenings manually. You post a job on a job board and dozens of resumes come pouring in. You want to do due diligence and begin calling the people who look okay.

You call, and the people who have jobs – generally the people you want for the position – can’t pick up. Or you have to schedule a time. And they or you have to cancel. And meanwhile some of your best candidates are getting picked off with other offers because your hiring process is too long.

And then, even if you are successful, you have a few notes from the interview and have to relay all the information to the rest of the hiring team. Obviously, your bias is going to factor in here, and some of the information will be lost.

The Solution: Technology

With new technology like VoiceGlance, the minute you have an applicant pool, you can begin sending out invitations for candidates to take their phone screening interview. And they can take it any time they want. And their answers are both recorded and transcribed.

Some advantages:

  • The work is all done for you – while people are taking their interviews, you can do something else.
  • When the interviews come in, it is much faster to scan through a transcript than conduct an interview.
  • Everyone on the hiring team gets full access to the same information.
  • It gives every candidate a voice. There might be a diamond-in-the-rough you otherwise would have missed.

Bottom line: there is a better mousetrap out there, with this new technology.

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