Work environment isn’t as tangible as dollar figures when it comes to choosing between possible employers, but it can have a demonstrable effect in how workers view their employer—employee happiness isn’t just something of interest to business owners with a soft spot. Boosting morale and keeping your employees happy can lead to more productivity and lower turnover rates, helping your business become more efficient and profitable.

And it doesn’t take much to make a good impression on your work force. Read on to learn about three simple ways you can let employees know you value them — and do so while increasing their value to your business.

Employee appreciation days

Employee appreciation days can come in a number of forms. Maybe you want to give your workers the day off and bring them and their families to a local amusement park. Maybe you’re looking for something smaller, such as a Friday afternoon work-party that gives them a reprieve from their regularly scheduled duties.

Whatever your budget, this type of event can give you a chance to show your appreciation for your staff while helping to recharge their batteries. If funds are tight, be on the lookout for free pizza coupons or other price breaks that are often available for group orders.

Work-from-home opportunities

Working from home, even periodically, can be a big stress reliever to your workers. It can help them free up more time in their day that they would otherwise spend commuting. Meanwhile, it’s also saving your business the expense of hosting their work on that day — although nominal savings, they can add up over time. Consider offering certain employees the opportunity to work from home one day a week.

It’s easier for some workers than others to fulfill their job obligations from home, but try to work with all of your employees to find an arrangement that works. And if you truly don’t need employees in the office except to attend periodic meetings, consider having them do even more of their work from home. If you can implement this on a large scale, you could downsize your facilities and reduce your overhead.

Tickets to events

Many companies are approached to serve as financial sponsors for a variety of events and venues. In many cases, compensation is delivered to these organizations in the form of free tickets or passes. While it’s tempting for executives to stockpile these perks and spend them on themselves, it can be far more beneficial to the company to distribute these tickets among lower-ranking employees.

Free tickets can be handed out in a variety of ways: As a performance-based incentive, as part of a company raffle or simply as a gift to remind employees that they are valued members of the team. Even the prospect of receiving these benefits is often enough to boost morale in the workplace.

When it comes to long-term employment, it’s true that workers are often lured by salaries, benefits packages and the opportunity to advance. But adding small touches can dramatically alter the workplace environment without presenting too much cost for the business. If you want to retain your current employees while becoming a more attractive landing spot for new hires, consider implementing some of these strategies in your workplace.