How to Incorporate Video into Recruiting

In 2016, video is king of online content, so no matter your industry, you should be incorporating video into your business. In the case of recruiting, video has infiltrated the hiring process in more ways than one, and it’s been used as a tool to define organizations’ employer brand and build company culture. No matter how you incorporate video into recruiting, it helps to promote your brand to potential applicants and elevate your standing in the competitive hiring market. In fact, in 2014, Cisco estimated 78% of web traffic was from video and it’s expected to grow to 84% by 2018. In order to put your brand in front of job seekers, it’s time to incorporate video into your strategy.

Here are just a few ways to incorporate video into recruiting that will attract top talent:

  1. Recruitment Videos: The first step for any talent acquisition team is to create a recruitment video. As the first introduction to your organization, these videos showcase the company culture and describe what it’s like working for the organization, usually including employee testimonials and clips from executive management. Post recruitment videos on your careers webpage and social media channels, and use them as virtual interview greetings (more on this below).
  2. Recorded Video Interviews: Video interviews have become widely used in talent acquisition as both an alternative to long-distance travel and as a way to screen candidates more efficiently. By using recorded video interviews to screen candidates early on in the hiring process, you can learn more about them without spending as much time on phone interviews. Simply invite them to submit videos responding to your specific questions and review them at your own convenience. Much like a video resume, these interviews help you make more informed decisions about applicants before conducting a live interview.
  3. Live Video Interviews: After you’ve screened candidates, use live video interviews to meet with them virtually from anywhere in the world, reducing the need for travel and saving money overall. For candidates with existing jobs, virtual interviews also make it more convenient to schedule an interview, especially when it’s just an introduction. With some platforms, such as GreenJobInterview, you can bring candidates into a virtual lobby before the interview, where they can take a few minutes to review your recruitment videos, documents and links before the meeting begins (just like in your office).
  4. Live Streaming: With the popularity of live streaming comes questions about how to use it for businesses and, in this case, talent acquisition teams. Use tools like Facebook Live and Periscope to live stream company events, behind-the-scenes chats with employees and even announce new job openings. Take it to the next level by hosting a virtual job fair via live stream and connect with applicants in a whole new way! Even though live streaming is fairly new, it’s widely used by consumers of millennial age who you may be targeting for new jobs.
  5. Social Media: Scrolling through Twitter, Facebook and other popular social networking websites, you probably see your feed filled with videos. After all, YouTube has grown to more one billion users (one-third of all internet users), proving the impact of video in social media. Take every opportunity to share company events, news and job openings with video on your social media channels. Whether you’re sharing videos or creating your own, it’s a popular way to increase engagement and attract attention. If you can, work with management to produce unique videos about company culture and about individual jobs to share on your social channels.

As you can see on most mainstream websites, video is everywhere and it’s not going away. With the increasing popularity of live streaming and video chat and the new use of virtual reality, video is still evolving. Encourage management to invest in video for recruiting and you’re sure to see a huge return on investment as well as an improvement in employer brand and overall reputation as a forward-thinking company.