Switching Careers

We have all reached a point where we have decided that enough is enough and it is time to change career. Before we pick up the phone to speak to a recruiter, you should always ask yourself some key questions and answer them as honestly as you can.

Are you having a bad day or is it Something More?

Do you feel it is time to switch careers because you’ve had a bad day at the office, or is this a bad day following a long line of regular bad days? Do you feel this is down to being in the ‘wrong’ career? Lack of fulfilment, prospects, pay, and respect can all make you feel it’s time for a switch. If the answer is the latter, then moving careers might help you and at the very least be good for your well being.

If it is just a bad day, it is advisable to take stock of the situation and sleep on it. It is too easy to take the negatives from a bad day, and you could make a decision which in the long term you’ll regret.

What’s good and not so good about your current career?

It is always a good idea to determine what you like and dislike about your career if you are considering a change. Often, we find that many want a change because of their colleagues or line manager, sometimes the projects they are working on. It is not actually the career or industry itself.

Keep in mind that the situation you are in now can easily be replicated elsewhere. Take some time to look at the positives, and then balance with the negatives which often take centre stage when we are going through a rough patch.

Switching Careers – What’s involved?

If you decide to switch careers there can be a lot of obstacles in your way. Will you need extra qualifications or experience? How long will it take you to obtain all the necessary certifications? What transferable skills do you have?

In our experience, to switch careers you often have to move sideways to move forwards. This can result in a pay cut and you will have to work harder to make up lost ground and to get traction in your new career. Is this something you really want to do?

Expectations from your ‘new’ career

As well as looking at qualifications etc, you should give yourself a reality check. Is the pay and benefits good enough should you make the change, and what is the potential for growth. Often, careers are limited by the industry they are encased in. If you can, talk to someone who works in your desired field and get honest uncensored opinions about the career and industry.

Try not to look at it through rose tinted spectacles. You don’t want to make a decision you’ll later regret.

Ready to Switch Careers?

If you’re ready to make the leap to a new life, then we can help you achieve this dream. Our career transition service will help you fine tune your CV and LinkedIn profile to speak the language of your new career. We can help you discover what your need to know to make a successful transition and once you reach the interview stage, we can ensure your techniques are finely tuned to make you the most desirable candidate.