Initially I thought of writing about immigration process and what you exactly need when applying for a job in United States of America. The topic was good but after a bit of research about the topic I found out that there are tons of articles already available online, giving wrong ideas to move to US and get a job.

I don’t think it is good idea to marry a women or get engaged to a US citizen with sole purpose to get a citizenship and job in United States. So, I did my research and thought of writing a detailed piece about how you can get a job in United States when you are not a US Citizen or in some cases even if you are living in United States.


Before starting your job hunt, here are two things that you should focus on getting, as these can ease-up the procedure and increase your chances to be hired:

  1. Qualification or Specialization

Every year literally hundreds and thousands of people apply for different jobs in United States but not everyone get through them and one of the major reasons is the lack of qualification or specialization.

When you are a non US citizen (might be coming from UK, AU or maybe India) you either should have a high level of qualification for the job that makes you an ideal candidate as compared to other US applicants or you should be specialized enough to become a preeminence.

If you are missing qualification or specialization, then you probably should focus on getting one instead before applying for the designation.

Note: Here we are not talking about investors or business owners; if you are one of them then this resource might be helpful for you!

  1. Work Permit

If you are not a US citizen, in order to be an eligible candidate for a job you need an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) which is also known as work permit. Once you have the work permit the next thing you need is a Visa.

There are multiple Visas available that includes citizenship, student visa, work visa and more. Here we are talking about work visas, combined a great guide on this topic that I would recommend to anyone who is willing to work in United States of America.

Ways to find Job in USA:

Now that you think you have both here are multiple ways to find an ideal job in United States:

Newspapers/Offline Channels

This is one of the most common ways people use, to find jobs in US. If you live in US all you have to do is to look in to different newspaper, magazines or any other such offline channels to find job posting that was updated recently, contact them and follow process accordingly.

It is recommended to use state level newspapers instead of nationwide, this way you will be able to find the jobs within your city.

Craigslist/Online Job Portals

Internet is indeed a blessing as it allows you to search for the jobs in all around the world. More than 50% of the youth in US and abroad use internet to find jobs regardless of the nature of their jobs.

When it comes to finding jobs on internet websites like and Craigslist are one of the best assets.

Social Media

With Billions of people connected to each other though virtual social networking, this is one area that can never be neglected. Other then Facebook and Twitter that are mostly used for communication, there are professional social networks like LinkedIn that can help you find just the right job for yourself. One can search and find jobs that are available near him or in his network.

When finding jobs on LinkedIn, it is advisable to connect with the right kind of people as this way the chances of considering your application will increase.

Email Job Alerts

If you are one of those people who are not really interested in looking through websites each day, to search for your ideal job, or you are simply too busy to explore websites every day for job hunting, then these email alters are your best-friends.

You can easily subscribe to big job portals email alerts with your preferences once and they will send you as soon as a job is posted under your category. Forbes covers the 10 best website that can help you with your career, you can subscribe for any or all of them to increase your chances of getting the kind of job you are looking for.

Head Hunters

Although both employers as well as employees donot prefer it mostly, as people these days like to connect directly with each other rather than having a recruiter in between and let’s not get in to the debate whether it’s the right way to find a job in US or not. Instead, go for the facts that many people still use it and have successfully find the kind of jobs they were looking for.

When it comes to recruitment agencies, there are few good names that come to mind which includes Adecco, Moddis, Robert Walters and more.

Community websites and Forums

This usually works when you are looking for a job within any specific field, for instance, can be a very good website to get a job within marketing, but if your focus were search or social media in particular, the better option would be to go for forums or community websites like

There could be more ideas but I tried to focus the areas that have a good turnover rate. Are you a non US citizen, working in US? Please let us know how you got your job in US in the comment section below.

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