In any company, the process of hiring employees is just not the only human resource process, taking place. A lot has to be done about it. Employees who are hired have to go under the orientation process and then training for the respected job is done.

This is just not all the whole process of Human Resource Management is underlined as:

1. Recruitment

2. Selection

3. Orientation

4. Training

5. Performance management system

  • Setting goals an milestones
  • Setting specific standards of performance
  • Managing the goals
  • Controlling the actions and competency management
  • Trainings if required
  • Appraisal system
  • Evaluation
  • Rewards

6. Compensation and benefits

7. Promotions


Starting from the first topic selection, vacancies in an organization are defined. According to that, the ads are given out. Mostly organizations hire from their internal employees but when they are in search of a skilled pool, they go for external hiring. CV’s are collected and shortlisted.


The shortlisted candidates are then called for interview/test. Those who qualify are selected.


The orientation starts with their probation period. They are given details of their JD’s, told about the organization and their chain of command.


The skills they need to develop are then trained for. They need to develop the skills that are most acquired by the company for their job responsibilities as well as working for the organization.

Performance management

When they start to develop skills, their goals are set. The standards under which they have to perform are set so what they have benchmarks to which they can perform. Many tools and techniques can be used here to control, define and then measure the performance set standards. The balanced score card is one of them. When the employees start to perform, their performance has to be controlled so that they keep streamlined with the defined goals and standards.

Usually the process of appraisal is semiannual or annual. It may depend on the company’s size and the area of business. The appraisal time is very crucial, under which the employees have to be marked according to the achieved goals and the percentage to which they were successful or failed.

Trainings, compensation, promotion

When this is done, the overall performance management is complete. The results define areas of deficiency, trainings needed, improvements seen, and award of bonuses, increments and benefits are done. Compensation and benefits rule in here and those worthy of being leveled to the next step are promoted.

If all this process has to be done manually, it may take up a lot of time and energy. That is why, we thank technology hat it enabled ease with the help of different digital software systems like recruitment software, selection software, CV building software, appraisal-running software etc. The most popular are however the recruitment software. That is because the recruitment is the most time taking and the most costly sub process. An example of a good recruitment software is recruit I.D., being used by many companies according to their need of hiring. To get more software packs, you can search online for every step in the HRM process and lower down cost of the processes in your organization.

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