We recently shared some of our favorite hiring stories, from rejected candidates asking to bum a few bucks off the hiring manager to applicants leaving angry voicemails for recruiters. The list of hilarious hiring moments goes on and on—and some would say these types of hiring stories could be meant for the big screen!

Because we felt so inspired by the hiring stories our clients, colleagues and recruiting experts have shared, we started thinking about some of our favorite hiring moments in pop culture history. The first one we share today depicts a pretty memorable scene in which two job applicants conduct a video interview. Let’s cut to the clip:

We love these bombastic characters, but we know this kind of situation can be quite the dilemma for hiring managers trying to conduct a thorough interview. So we decided to ask some colleagues and seasoned HR pros about how they would handle a similar situation, or an interview with an overly enthusiastic candidate. Here’s what they had to say:

“Stay in charge and be dominant in the interview. In similar circumstances, I have interrupted the interviewee and redirected them. If that fails, I would complete the interview quickly and thank them for their time and let them know we will be in touch regarding the next steps.” — Kate Alderfer, Director of Sales and Talent Acquisition, Connexions Data Inc.

“These guys would make great material for how NOT to conduct yourself in an interview training. It would be great to ask them as their second question whether they’d be willing to take part! Then, I’d likely ask them, ‘If you were an unsuccessful candidate, which type would you be?’” — Malcolm Louth, Senior HR Professional

“I loved this clip because these guys really showed their personality. Even though it was a bit painful to watch, these guys did a good job selling themselves. But I have been in situations where the candidate has been really aggressive, presumptuous or overbearing. I’ve had to stop in the middle of the interview and say, ‘I appreciate your insight, but I feel like I’m struggling to get my entire question out. Why don’t you take a minute and hear me out on this.’ I’ve also had bad enough interviews and had to cut it short because the candidate was so overbearing—but it would have to be pretty bad for that to happen.” — Evelyn Walter, VP of Human Resources, Inspirato

Thanks to Evelyn, Kate and Malcolm for sharing your thoughts on this clip! For more hilarious hiring stories, download our eBook, “9 Hiring Stories That Will Make You Laugh, Squirm or Cry.”