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Whether you are in a job search, career crisis, or simply having a down day, it’s important to be aware that having ‘ups and downs’ are normal. It’s how we approach the downs that can become life changing events or ideas.

Life is minute to minute and many of us get lost in the hectic tasks of life, stress and negative ‘self-talk’ that prevents us from being at our creative best. The problem is when we are down (and literally have our heads down, body slouched, etc.); the people around you will pick up on that energy.

The great news is you can re-launch the way you feel and think now. How you may ask?

First you need to stop any negative self-talk (we all do this) and focus on the positive things you are doing have done in the past and so on.

I’ve found those who live in the past (and focus on negative experiences) will always feel regret.

Those who hyper focus on the future and all the bad things that ‘could’ happen will live in fear.


Live in the present and focus on the positive actions you can provide or reference and the world will be attracted to your incredible energy. Simply put, the law of attraction really works!

It is almost impossible to be at your best if you don’t feel good about yourself. If you can’t feel confident in what you do, how does that come across to others that you want to influence? You could be missing opportunities you never knew existed. So whatever ‘situation’ you are in, creating that self-confidence and reaffirming that you are the captain of your ship is paramount to your success.

Self confidence is a ‘skill’ which means we can learn and master this skill. It just takes practice.

Here are some quick tips that you can immediately put into action to boost your confidence:

1. Connect to and be around positive thinkers and learn from them. Avoid the negative ‘Nancy’ groups! You can’t control what others feel, but you must have full control over your own thoughts. You can choose to be positive as most of the negativity is worthless & provide zero ROI with your time.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice! Understand you have the ability to control your thoughts and practice (& be aware) when your inner voice is negative. The most important conversation you will ever have is the one with yourself. Stop and refocus with positive thoughts & actions.

3. Teach and educate what you know to others. By taking the focus off yourself and providing help to other people, you learn at a much deeper level no matter what the ‘subject matter’ is. You are acting as a leader when you do this and if you continue this habit, your confidence builds! It feels good and it’s a nice thing to do!

4. Thoughts influence actions, so practice finding positive thoughts and you will be amazed at the transformation! It’s important to know that this is easier said than done. The majority of people will bail very early on in this ‘practice’. Be persistent and know it will create more in return than you can measure! Don’t bail!!

5. Remain positive as motivation is key when you’re having a hard time in life. If you’ve been trying one method for a while without any results, maybe it’s time to switch it up and try something new. A fresh outlook can motivate you to continue your efforts.

Distract yourself every now and then by relaxing with loved ones, playing with a pet or getting fresh air. Doing the things you love can help lower your stress and keep you from becoming discouraged. Take time for you.

I once asked a life coach for advice about the times when I was feeling down, unproductive, stuck, etc. All he said was ‘STOP’ and refocus your energy on the spot. It’s a simple concept, but must be practiced over and over!

Once it becomes routine to catch yourself and stop negativity, you can instantly shift your thoughts (and how you feel) into actions that can change your life and help you present the best possible you to the world!

Just remember you can’t be enthusiastic and motivated while being depressed and negative at the same time!

Motivated or negative: It’s your choice, just do it!

Good luck and I know you have it in you, we all do.

Thanks Adam Jones, Ph.D. for the photo via Flickr