Every employer can agree they desire a team that is dedicated to the success of their company. There are times, however, when employees need a little push to go the extra mile.

If you’re looking for ways to help your employees go above and beyond in the workplace, here are some tips that will motivate them to exceed your expectations:

Improve communication between management and employees.

The most important thing you can do as a manager is to create transparency in your communication with your employees. Employees want to be able to voice their opinions, express their needs, and be heard by their superiors. By creating open communication in the workplace, employees will feel more comfortable when they need to ask questions or address issues with their boss.

Make each employee feel like an asset to the company.

Tell your employees how much their position means to the company and explain how they’re essential for the company to function as a whole. Your employees should understand how their position contributes to the overall success of the company. This will make them feel valuable and inspire them to excel at their work.

Build a relationship with your employees.

It’s important to have a relationship with your employees because it makes them feel like they fit with the company. Be sure to interact with them on a daily basis and get to know their personalities. These types of bonds will give employees a sense of belonging and contribute to the overall company culture.

Provide clear expectations.

Do you want your employees to get the job done? Make sure you clearly state your expectations of your employees. Remove any gray area from their responsibilities and connect their work to the success of the company. When employees understand their purpose, it will be easier for them to work more efficiently.

Demonstrate good leadership skills.

Employees aren’t going to feel motivated if their boss arrives 15 minutes late for work and lacks dedication to the company. If managers don’t provide a good example for their employees to follow, over time their employees will reflect those bad habits and eventually leave the company. It’s essential for managers to be leaders who listen and serve as role models for their employees.

Reward your employees for improved performance.

Whether it’s a small as letting an employee go home 30 minutes early or increasing their vacation time, make sure you reinforce your employees’ hard work. If an employee doesn’t feel like management notices their accomplishments, they can lose the motivation to improve their job performance.

If you want your employees to go above and beyond, you must hold yourself to that same standard of success. Employees need positive reinforcement and open communication from top management. They also need to feel like they are important to the company. By showing your employees respect and helping them accomplish goals, your employees will have the extra boost of motivation they need to excel in the workplace.

What things have you done to encourage your employees to go above and beyond?

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