What is the best way to welcome a new employee to the team? Is it a box of company merchandise or a welcome pack with important resources to help them start their new role? After wooing a new candidate to accept your job offer, you don’t want to start them off with a rough transition into the workplace.

The onboarding process is an important part of a new hire’s experience. As the new employee moves into an unfamiliar career environment, they expect to get productive soon. But are you ready?

It’s never easy being the new kid in town. Oftentimes, you don’t know anyone and you don’t know how things are done. The same goes for new hires. You want to make sure that new members will feel welcome, have everything they need to get started, and comfortable with the work setting.

Whether you are expecting office-based employees or remote workers, how can you make the onboarding process a success?

Give a warm welcome

You can have the whole team meet the new employee in the board room or you can create a welcome video. It does not have to be long and dramatic, but make it short and personalized. Maybe you can insert a scene where it mentions the name of the new employee. This will help everyone start on the right foot.

Introduce the team

Nothing is more annoying than working with colleagues you don’t know and have never met. Introduce team members to the new employees, especially those that will be working within the department they were hired into. Giving them a thorough look at the company structure will make it easier for new hires to communicate effectively. This may be done using a team directory page on the company website or through a video that gives a brief overview of each team member.

Share the vision and mission of the company

It is important for new employees to understand what the company’s goals are and how their positions play a significant role in reaching them. This gives them an idea of how important they are to the company and how they can align and associate themselves with the workplace culture.

Establish rules and guidelines

Laying out the employee handbook and company policies is essential. Schedule the flow of documentation so as not to overwhelm the new employees. Create a slideshow or a presentation video to explain schedules, overtime, dress codes, workplace rules, paydays, and more. This will make it easier for them to scrub the video and go back to a previous item or skip over to the next one. Plot out their tasks and responsibilities and use productivity tools, especially for remote employees.

Be ready for questions

New hires will have questions. Create a knowledge base or FAQ section on the company website so they can refer to it if they need information about certain topics. You may also assign a work buddy who can help them out during the first few weeks, ready to answer their questions and assist them in transitioning into the company culture.

Support new hires so they succeed

We must not underestimate the importance of the employee onboarding process. Integrating the new employees into the workspace and supporting them right from the very start will motivate them to work efficiently and will make them less likely to leave. Giving your new hires the tools they need to succeed will benefit them and the company as a whole.