Job seekers today have a lot of options. They’re able to get on their laptop or smartphone and in an instant they can discover a ton of awesome job opportunities. And they can be picky too! In fact, according to a study from Clutch, 52% of recent hires say they applied to 5 or fewer jobs during their most recent job search.

Because of so many job opportunities being posted, it can be difficult for your company to stand out online amongst all of the others. Not only that, but it can also be hard to reach the top candidates. So, what can you do to make sure the most talented job seekers see your job post and click on it? Well, you need to step up your recruitment marketing game!

Here’s how to improve recruitment marketing and attract great hires.

Utilize social media.

Of course, your company is probably already recruiting on LinkedIn, which is great. But don’t forget about other social media platforms as well. Social media platforms like Twitter are becoming a popular place online for job seekers to discover new opportunities. Twitter is especially effective if you’re looking to hire talented millennials. According to Career Profiles, Twitter reported that up to 45% of its entire user base was under the age of 30 and 73% of millennials found their last position through a social media site. So, start tweeting that your company is hiring.

For instance, take a look at this Twitter post from Sofyne Tech. Their post includes an image of their newest hires and invites others to join their team too. They also include a link to apply to the position as well as the hashtag #Hiring to attract more job seekers.

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Adding hashtags to your hiring posts and tweets is what will get the word out about your job openings and your company. Aside from adding #Hiring, other popular and relevant hashtags include #HiringNow and #ApplyNow. Don’t forget to include a hashtag of the position you’re hiring for as well. For example, if you’re looking to hire a new customer service rep include #CustomerServiceRep.

Offer remote positions.

Remote jobs are on the rise — big time. In fact, according to Jobbatical, 80% of millennials want to work abroad. By offering flexible, remote positions you can attract a lot of talented professionals. Plus, it also widens the talent pool; you’re not limited to only the candidates in your local area, you can attract top talent from all over the world. So, if a position can be filled remotely, add the word “remote” to your job postings.

If you’ve never offered remote positions at your business before, you might be worried about how you’ll be able to manage a remote team or employee. But don’t worry, there are many remote working tools that make it easy, including:

  • Slack – An instant messaging platform so you can stay in contact with remote hires.
  • Zoom – Remote conferencing service so you can conduct video meetings and interviews.
  • Asana – A web and mobile app that helps remote teams organize, track, and manage their work.
  • Google Docs – Free word processor that allows you to share important documents easily with remote workers.

Improve your website content.

When sharing your job posting online, you’ll likely include a link to a page on your website where people can fill out your application and upload their resume. But, if you want to attract more talented hires, don’t just send applicants to a simple online employment application form. Instead, create a “Careers” page on your website using a page builder plugin that includes the application as well as everything a job seeker would want to know about your company.

For instance, check out the Awesome Motive career page. It includes perks of working with the company and gives you a sneak peak at what goes on behind the scenes. A simple but engaging page like this gives the job seeker a feel for what it’s really like working for the company.

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Your recruitment landing page should include information about your company culture, values, work environment, training programs, employee benefits, and more. Include a link to your careers page in every job posting online so that job seekers can see the full picture of their possible position within your company.

Try using a recruitment tool.

The hiring process can be long and arduous. Instead of just waiting for people to apply to your job posting, it’s sometimes a good idea to reach out to talented professionals directly. But, if you’re trying to find those amazing candidates, you could spend hours searching the internet before finding a profile you like. So, try using a recruiting tool instead.

A recruiting tool will make the hiring process super easy and allow you to quickly discover talented passive candidates on the web. TalentLyft offers a web sourcing feature that searches for specific profiles on online platforms, internal and external databases, and imports them directly. Aside from the web sourcing feature, they also offer job board advertising, social media promotion, and referral program features to help you attract more great hires.

Over to you.

Don’t forget, your current employees may know some awesomely talented people that would love to be a part of the team. So, hire internally whenever possible. If you’re not able to hire internally, with these tips for how to improve recruitment marketing, you’ll have no trouble attracting star candidates to your team.