As the owner of an executive search firm, I will be the first to tell you that every interviewer of every level gets into some sort of slump in their career.  Though, once it happens, most people have trouble getting out of their string of unsuccessful interviewing.  Here are some tips on how to do so:

1. Many times we think we are worse than we are – When we are in an interviewing slump, we often think that the problem is permanent and that we are terrible at interviewing, thus never getting a job.

The reality is that you will get a position, however it may take some time. In the interim, you should learn not to be so hard on yourself.

2. Don’t take things personally – The worst thing that you can do is to read into the other person’s mind (or attempt to) and, thus make assumptions that are negative and possibly untrue. While it’s hard to do, the best interviewers can separate logic from emotion.

"interviewing slump"

3. Begin reading and learning – There is no cure for things not going well than better than education is. Start reading non-fiction about business, about the topics that are related to the job you want and keep up with what’s happening in the industry; Yahoo Finance! 20 min. a day can put you well ahead of the other applicants.

4. Find out what you really want – Let’s start by the basics: you want a job offer. Thus, set an end goal of getting a job offer. Nothing more, nothing less; focus on doing the work to get there. Take it step by step when you follow your outline and don’t deviate from the plan.

5. Realize that if you do the work, your day will come. Overly thinking about what you’ve done wrong and getting down on yourself for it should be the least thing on your “to-do” list. Keep your head down, do the work and your day will come – some sooner some later, but it will come.