They say love can lift you up and take you to a higher place. It’s capable of bringing the best out of us. It’s something we all look for to fulfill our life. You will search endlessly for the perfect match. Trying different ones out, and failing at most even if you gave it a really good shot.

Despite today’s holiday, I’m not talking about finding your soul mate; I’m talking about how to find a job you LOVE. And honestly, I’m not quite sure which one is easier to do…

Here are a few signs you’ve found it.

If you answer “no” to almost all of these, take your time reading part two for a few tips on how to find a job you love.

  • Number one will always be, “it doesn’t feel like work”. Just like a relationship, this means you actually enjoy taking the time to fix what’s wrong and really enjoy it when it’s right. You don’t consider it as 8 hours gone from you day, it is 8 hours of your day where you are productive and creative. This also means you’re happy to see your desk. It isn’t your ball and chain, it’s where you sit down and do.
  • Committing to the long haul isn’t a crazy idea. It’s hard for most, and for some they’ll have to make the choice to commit today (220,000 averaged last year). But for work, it’s not that hard of an idea to wrap your head around. You enjoy waking up and tackling your to-do list.
  • You glow. When you’re at work, or talking about a recent project, people comment on how happy you are. Your friends and family are jealous they don’t have that kind of love for their job, but they’re still happy for you anyways because you’re so damn happy.
  • You experience life. Being pleased with a job well done, or just a job you like, can energize us in previously unknown ways. Some get caught by the love bug and start engaging in other activities they love, like exercise or arts and crafts.
  • You lose track of time. You get lost in the hours when you’re working. You experience a flow of creativity and energy. When you finally look up you realize 3 hours have passed and it doesn’t even feel like it.

So if you’ve answered yes to all of these, you have found it – treat it right and never let it go. As for those still on the hunt…

Here are a few tips on how to find a job you love

  • Use your network. I’m not just talking about your friends, I’m also talking about your online network; it’s more powerful than you think. Things like your Twitter, your Google+, these usually reflect your interests. So when people go to search for you, your mindless shares and tweets on passion points will show through. Another online tip is to make sure your LinkedIn profile is well-rounded and complete. Here are a few tips on how.
  • Get involved in and out of the office. Maybe you like the company, but not your role. Try looking for events like book clubs, or toastmasters, that are going on. When you’re out of the office, volunteer for a community service project, or another community event. You never know who you’ll meet.
  • Do your homework. If there’s a field you’ve always wanted to get into, research the top and mid-level companies. Use your network to see if you know anyone, but if you get an interview make sure you’re prepared. Learn as much as you can to be totally prepared.
  • Don’t blow a first impression. Hate to break it to you, but everybody hates hearing you complain about your job, so stop. You carry that misery with you and project it. You really do never know who you’re going to meet when you’re out and about so keep a positive outlook and when people ask, reply with a political answer: “I am very happy to have a job, however it’s not a fit for my strengths so I’m currently pursuing other options.”