With the UK economy finally stabilising, small business are looking for ways to grow and thrive post recession. Of course, one of the best ways to boost sales is by having ‘more hands on deck’ as it were.

But recruiting staff can be expensive.

Despite the huge candidate pool out there, finding the right employee for your company can be more than a little costly. You have the costs of placing the advert, the time lost during interviews, and all those other hidden expenses.

Making Recruitment Affordable

It doesn’t have to be that way though.

Small businesses like yours can make the most of this boost to the economy, and grow your business. When done correctly, recruitment doesn’t have to cost the Earth. In fact, you can hire the perfect candidate, and barely spend a penny.

Here are four simple and easy-to-implement ways you can drive down the costs of recruitment:

1. DIY Recruitment


The primary way you can cut your recruitment costs is by doing it yourself.

While using job search sites can prove fruitful, you may also end up with a barrage of unsuitable applications. To make sure you appeal to exactly the right candidates – and save you some money in the process – advertise your vacancies on your website.

This is especially effective for niche companies, as well as those looking to reduce the costs of recruitment. After all, posting on your website costs you nothing – but could prove to be hugely productive.

With more and more candidates using social media to aid the job search, this is also a great place to hunt for staff. Twitter hashtags such as #PRJobs are really popular, and can help you reach out to a whole new candidate pool. Recent changes to LinkedIn also make this a really powerful tool in your recruitment drive.

2. Networking


In the B2C industry, the power of networking can sometimes be overlooked. However, your industry connections can prove to be extremely vital in helping drive down the costs of recruitment.

Using social media, phone calls, direct mail and more, you can reach out to these connections and get their help. Ask them to share your job listings with their customers and followers to increase your reach and visibility.

By getting your advert ‘out there’ to as many people as possible – without having to spend any money at all – doesn’t have to be a dream. Utilising your connections in this way may prove to be extremely valuable when it comes to hiring the perfect person.

3. Ask the Right Questions


You may think that once you’ve reached the interview stage, you’re over the worst part. The truth is though making a few mistakes here could cost your business dearly.

Why make it harder for yourself by employing the wrong person and having to begin the recruitment process again? Instead, make sure you ask the right interview questions and hire the right person right away.

Carefully plan each interview before they take place. Much like the candidate needs to prepare, so do you. Find out what makes them tick, what they can bring to your business, and how well they will gel with the team.

By asking the right questions, and taking full advantage of the interview process, you can save yourself a great deal of money. After all, you want the perfect candidate in place as soon as possible. Make this happen by getting this vital stage just right.

4. Hire Interns and Apprentices


For many small businesses, hiring a full time member of staff may be too costly to the company. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look to employ a new team member.

On the contrary, hiring interns and apprentices – as well as temporary members of staff – are extremely affordable and effective means of recruitment. You get the benefit of a hard working member of staff, without having to invest in a long term contract of employment that may fall through.

Many graduate interns and apprentices are desperate to prove themselves in the ‘real’ world and can be an asset to your team. They have all the technical knowledge, and just need a little ‘hands on’ experience to boost their studies.

If you’re looking to drive down the cost of recruitment, but drive up productivity, this is definitely a path to consider.

Growing your business is a smart move, especially now the economy is looking up. People are spending more, and you want to be fully equipped to help them out when they’re ready to buy. By implementing these simple tips, you can make the most of a new member of staff – without the added costs to your company.