A workspace that features state-of-the-art design isn’t a fancy perk. It can impact employee well-being and promote healthy habits that can benefit your company. After all, a strong office workspace design can make employees up to 33% happier at work and happy employees are 31% more productive. So, what are you waiting for? Start building a workspace that motivates employees on a daily basis.

Create an inspiring workspace

A modern break room is a great way to achieve higher levels of employee well-being. In a recent study, research company IPSOS, discovered that a workspace focused on employee happiness is a powerful driver for productivity.

The IPSOS study showcases the urgent need for more engaging workspaces:

  • 85% of workers feel they don’t work in a space where they can share ideas
  • 87% feel there isn’t a place to work in teams
  • 84% don’t feel a sense of belonging or a willingness to be a part of company culture

It’s time to turn a dull, uninspiring canteen into a lively workspace. Create an atmosphere where employees will want to frequently swap ideas and discuss projects. You’ll soon find dreary lunch breaks turn into informal meetings bursting with ideas and contributions.

Carve out a space to recharge

Add bright colors for the walls and fixtures. Hang inspiring decorations and a lush, green view of the outdoors. These are good places to start crafting a tranquil haven that will help employees feel relaxed and refreshed. A soothing break room encourages relaxation. Especially when combined with comfortable seating and a friendly atmosphere.

A lunch break shouldn’t be about work. Sure, some employees will use the opportunity to discuss ideas. But this will be in a lighter, more relaxed setting. But the bottom line is, a break room is for mental breaks and physical regeneration.

Make sure your break room is an relaxing place, and does not pressure employees into working. consider the following when creating an inspiring and relaxing break room:

  • Give employees an opportunity to disconnect and take a mental break
  • Build a safe, non-judgmental environment. Employees should be able to take for lunch without feeling guilty.
  • Make an open space that invites socializing and a communal atmosphere
  • Give plenty of open space so employees don’t feel cramped
  • Have an inviting and bright environment

What about healthy offerings? Incentivize a healthy diet by making sure there’s always plenty of healthy snacks and water around. A healthy diet is a core value of workplace wellness promotion. A great way to ensure plenty of healthy nutrition on site is a MicroMarket at the office. This self-service market provides healthy snacks and drinks. Sandwiches, granola, soups and salads, as well as smoothies and coffee. A healthy diet plays a significant role in employee welfare. Boosting your employees’ immune systems with a healthy diet means they become motivated and take fewer sick days.

Brighten the atmosphere

Plants and greenery spruce up your workspace and add a homey character. They put more oxygen into the office, making it feel airier and fresher. Try to capture the feeling of being outside by providing natural light and good ventilation.

If the room lacks windows, use clever lighting designs to brighten up the atmosphere. The design of the workspace should emphasise well-lit atmospheres that motivate employees.

Design an open-plan workspace to allow light and air to flow through. Not only will this brighten up the office, it will encourage a more collaborative working environment.

Offer custom-made workspaces

Sitting for hours on end can be the cause a variety of unpleasant medical conditions. To combat any potential health impacts, introduce standing options in your workspace. In demanding jobs, few workers take advantage of their recommended breaks. They don’t take time to stretch their legs. Standing desks allow workers the opportunity to get up off their feet, and still work at the same time.

Consider ergonomically designed workspaces that are tailored to the needs of your employees. Ergonomic workspaces combat back pain and tension, further minimizing sick days and making sure that employees feel well rested and productive throughout the day.

Hire an expert

It can be a challenge to create a workspace that accommodates the needs of everyone; the process can be very subjective. For this reason, many startups have created a new job position to tackle the issue: Feel-Good Manager or Chief Happiness Officer.

Fancy the job? If successful, you’ll be tasked with making employees feel happy and engaged in the workplace. You’ll take the pulse of your workforce to discover what they want. You’ll know what makes them happy and find ways to cater to those needs in a way that is sustainable.

This new role can incorporate the following set of wellness tools into their work culture:

  • Sports and fitness programs that benefit the health of employees
  • Team building and bonding exercises
  • Massages to release tension from long hours at the desk
  • Therapy sessions and safe spaces to allow open and honest conversations

Happy employees are loyal employees

Create a workspace that empowers and inspires your employees. You’ll boost loyalty and turn your staff into true advocates of your company as a result. This is important because retaining staff is key for both productivity and your bottom line. Did you know the average employee costs £12,000 to replace? Replacing employees can become very costly for businesses. You might be surprised at how much a positive and attractive workspace can help reduce turnover rates.

Boost your company’s brand and reputation for both customers and top talent by making sure you’re catering to their needs in the best way possible; and it starts with your workspace. Your workspace is more than just walls and desks. It’s an environment that can allow your employees to thrive healthily and happily.

To learn more about how to motivate your employees, download Achievers e-book: “How to Incentivize Your Modern Workforce.”

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