entrepreneur-1562823_640You feel that you are stuck in a job that doesn’t satisfy you. You want to change your career but don’t know where to start or how to do it. You also need your paycheck so you don’t want to quit your job before finding your dream career. In this case, the below 5 step plan can help you change your life completely.

  • Assess Your Current Situation: Why do you want to change your job or career? What makes you unhappy in your current job or company? What type of a career do you imagine? When you close your eyes and dream, what do you see yourself doing? You should ask yourself these questions first and then face with your answers. Maybe you like your job but you don’t like your coworkers or don’t fit in the company culture you are currently working for. Therefore, it is important to make an assessment first before acting.
  • Research What You Want to Do: If you are not sure what you want to do or which career is best for you, figure out what your interests are. Then, identify your strengths, passions, skills and abilities. According to these findings, look at career websites and job descriptions. This will give you an idea about what types of jobs are available according to your discoveries. Take your time when you are analyzing these. Nobody wants to move from one unsatisfying job to another. Thus, think twice.
  • Network: When you come up with your ideal job or position, go to industry events and find professionals working in that field. Talk to them and find out their day to day responsibilities. In this way, you can understand better whether this career is the right one for you. Networking will also help you land a new interview or even find a new job.
  • Training: It is important to find out if there are any training opportunities related to the new career you want to pursue. Joining training or certification programs can increase your chance of getting a job in the new field you want. Moreover, it can help you get ahead of the competition and shorten your learning curve when you start a new position.
  • Job Hunting: If you haven’t looked for a job for a while, it is a good time to start polishing your job hunting skills. You can start with updating your resume and then, study for the most frequently asked interview questions.

Good luck with your job hunting!