At the beginning of this year, employers posted the most job openings since the recession ended in June 2009. There were 3.9 million jobs posted in February and there are now only about three unemployed workers for every job opening.

The increasing number of job openings presents a challenge for employers to stand out. Here are some ways to beat the competition to find the best talent:


Finding the best talent is all about perception. Your organization needs to stand out from the rest as the ideal employer. Your brand should be reflected on your website and social media. All platforms should be updated frequently. If your company values and culture are communicated clearly and consistently, you will attract the best fitting job seekers.


If you aren’t sure how to effectively target your recruiting efforts, you may not attract the attention of a diverse group of job seekers. Be sure to include your diverse goals in your mission, values, and job openings. Determine the biases that exist in your industry and make an effort to compensate for them. Use diversity organizations to target specific groups of top talent.

Social Responsibility

Many job seekers want to work for an organization focused on the community. In all of your corporate messaging, emphasize the ways your organization is socially responsible. Explain how job seekers will participate in these efforts in your recruiting messages. Whether you support your local community or more global issues, all of these efforts will help in recruiting top talent.


Utilize the resources you already have. Ask current employees for referrals. Your employees are well-versed in your organization’s culture, so they will know the people in their network who fit best.


Post job openings on LinkedIn and Twitter. Job seekers who are already interested in your organization will see these first. Ask employees to share openings on their social media accounts as well. Use keywords and hashtags to narrow down the best talent pool. Targeted posts will reach the top talent for your job openings.


Concrete incentives are the most obvious ways to attract job seekers. First, think about hours, compensation, mentoring, and other standard benefits. Then, move on to more creative benefits to stand out. For example, some companies offer annual sports tickets or fundraising events. Make these benefits unique to fit your company culture.

What methods has your company used to attract top talent?