There has been a lot of talk recently about the challenges of recruiting and hiring good people.

In many ways, this is a good problem to have! It means that your company is growing. It means that you’re not comfortable settling for average employees. It also means that the challenge of finding the most qualified candidates will push you to become a better company.

The challenge of finding the most qualified candidates will push you to become a better company.

Why is that? It’s a new age, my friends. And job hunters currently have the advantage. With more companies hiring, candidates are able to shop around to see which company suits them best. How will your company stand apart from the rest?

Attracting Talent

The key to getting talented individuals in the door is to attract them to your company. Most simply, your company needs to be a place where people want to work.

Your company needs to be a place where people want to work.

And not just because you cut the checks on time; but because the work is rewarding, there are opportunities to learn new skills, it’s a fun place to work and the team is engaged.

Are your employees engaged? How do you know? What kinds of things can you be doing to increase satisfaction among your team?

Work-Life Balance

Identifying ways to improve employee engagement is not as difficult as it sounds. Just ask your employees! Many times, the answer is something as easy or as simple as no calls or emails after hours; or closing the office a half hour earlier during the summer.

CareerBliss (an online career community) regularly polls companies to gauge happiness. They have found, in companies with the largest jump in employee happiness, that work-life balance is often a key factor in determining employee happiness. “Having programs that allow managers to offer employees flexibility can be a key component in creating a happy work environment,” say CareerBliss CEO Heidi Golledge.*

Have I gotten you thinking about what kinds of simple changes you can make operationally that would make an enormous impact? Let’s keep going.


In my years as an HR and recruiting professional, I see so many companies miss the mark in this area.

Growth is all about learning and development. Are you providing opportunities for your employees to build on their skills, learn new things and develop themselves professionally? How will you ensure that your staff is satisfied if you’re not doing anything to acknowledge their desire to grow and aiding in their growth?

Talk to your employees about their career goals and begin to scope out how you can provide them with the resources to get there. Job shadow programs, additional training and allowances (either money or time) toward receiving new certifications are all ways that you can help to grow your staff. And their work product will improve as a result!


Think about a really stand-out person on your team. How can you provide the recognition that you know that they deserve? Positive feedback can go a long way, so tell them that they’re doing a great job!

Some people enjoy public recognition. Consider highlighting their accomplishments during a team meeting. If you have a company newsletter, acknowledge them there also. This type of recognition can go a long way. Sometimes, public recognition can inspire other employees to reach further as well, in hopes that they will receive that same kind of attention and praise. It’s a win-win!

Job Perks

What are the ways that your company makes the lives of your employees easier? Maybe your employees are looking for more perks. That means you may have to get creative! Would putting a pool table in the office allow your team to decompress and enjoy each other’s company at the end of a long day? How about a fridge stocked with snacks and drinks?

It could also be something that doesn’t cost any money at all, like negotiating a discounted group rate for a membership at the local gym or offering access to a flexible spending account program.

Whatever the path to get there, the outcome is clear – ensuring that your employees are engaged can help to achieve important business goals.

Happy employees are 85% more efficient at their work.*

And when you’re talking about recruiting, think of the reputation you’ll build by having such an engaged workforce. Your most productive people will attract their network to your company as a result. In fact:

Happy employees are 186% more likely to recommend their organization to a friend.*

Happy and engaged employees are great resources. Through networking, LinkedIn and other sites such as Glassdoor, you can even have your employees do some of the employment marketing for you.

So, you’ve got a work environment where people are invested, increased productivity, an excellent reputation as an employer and your employees basically doing the recruiting for you every time they talk about how much they love their job. Sounds pretty excellent, huh? Are you ready to get started on building programs that will strengthen your whole organization and attract top candidates?

*, The Science Of Happiness. 1st ed. 2013. Web. 21 May 2015.