Medical Interview

There are lots of available positions in the medical field but the competition is also tough, so youneed to know how to go ahead with your competitors. Job search has several steps and the interview is the most important one that any employee needs to go through. Your chance of getting the position you are applying for depends on how well you perform during the interview.

Get information about your employer

The very first step to win a medical interview is to make yourself knowledgeable about the institution that you are applying for. It does not matter whether it is a hospital, clinic or a doctor’s office, because you need to know what they do. You must become aware about their vision, mission, services and history.

Aside from answering questions, you can also list down several questions about the information that you have gathered, so you can make the interviewer aware that you are interested in the company.

It will be helpful if you can talk to someone within the medical field who can share information about the reputation of the facility where you want to work in the future. As you research about the company, you need to focus on their values and culture and ask yourself if these jive with your own.

Research about the healthcare field

Another important research is to find significant news about the healthcare field that might greatly impact the facility. Knowledge about current news is very important for a medical interview, because this will make you look very professional and expert in your field. It also means that you are interested and keen when it comes to the field where you belong. This can make the discussion very fruitful for the interviewer.

Be Flexible

Most of the interviewer will ask you about your preferred working hours. They give advantage to applicants who are willing to work in a flexible time and date, because in the medical field time is very important. You need to become prepared that you will be working during non-traditional hours like weekend, overnight and holidays. There are times that you are also required to work in double shifts. Right before you apply for a particular job, you need to evaluate yourself if you are willing to work in a non-traditional schedule. If you are not interested, then it will show.

Team orientation

Patient care is a team effort from different part of the medical field. An interviewer can be impressed with an applicant with an easy-going and friendly personality. This is a true advantage when handling patients. You can show the interviewer that you have team orientation by telling past experiences regarding working as part of a team.

Interview etiquette

Some medical facilities are not very strict to their dress code, but you need to always wear medical uniform. You can show that you are willing to follow any dress code by wearing appropriate clothes during the interview. By wearing a professional or office attire, then it means that you are good in following directions and standard, which is vital in the medical field. As much as possible you should not wear a lot of accessories like dangling earrings. Girls also need to wear light makeup and cologne. A firm shake to the hands of an interview also signify strength and self-confidence. First impression is very important during a medical interview.