As the leading digital executive search firm, MarketPro has seen how important creativity is within a company. It gives you an edge over competitors and can be the difference between an average campaign and a viral one.

The reality is, managing a marketing team without a creative strategy or an old one is like attempting to drive without knowing your destination. Companies have to constantly be innovative to retain and attract customers.

Unfortunately, creativity isn’t just a task you can finish or a task you can do alone. You need to ensure all of your team members are openly contributing creative and innovative ideas. The need for bold thinking is now a necessity. With years of experience, creative executive recruiters share how top marketing executives inspire creativity to increase their overall return on investment.

Tips for Boosting Your Marketing Team’s Creativity By Creative Executive Recruiters:

Advance Communication

Obstacles can block a person’s creativity. Even daily tasks can be a big obstacle for some marketers. The leading digital executive search firm sees too many people consumed with their busy schedules and personal obligations that their sense of creativity can fall behind. Therefore, your team members might lack the confidence to be creative and worry their ideas will reflect poorly on them. As a result, you might be given old or repetitive ideas that probably aren’t effective in today’s market.

Therefore, the best solution is time. Creativity doesn’t happen on the spot. It takes time for an individual to sort through different ideas, see how the idea could impact the brand, or if the team has the necessary resources to execute the plan.

The reality is, as creative executive recruiters, we see all if not most team member wants to contribute their best ideas. Instead of waiting till the scheduled meeting to brainstorm, send out an email or message to your team members about the goal of the meeting. Ideally, share some data on your business’s performance, market trends, and upcoming threats to support your goal. You want to make sure your team has a clear understanding of what the problem is or what problem they are trying to solve. This will help you save time and structure your brainstorming session in an effective, efficient, and focused manner.

Validate Your Team’s Assumptions

In most cases, marketing strategies that fail are usually due to the assumptions marketers make about their target market. This is especially true for marketers who have been with the company for a longer period of time. As you grow with the brand, top marketing professionals feel like they have a good understanding of who their customers are and what they want. While this is commonly known as a bad marketing practice, it happens quite often.

To fight the biases, you need to force your marketing team to question their assumptions about the target audience. List out all of their assumptions. See if each person can link their statement with existing evidence or data. Your marketing team is no longer restricted by unverified assumptions with the insights listed and can now generate better marketing strategies to effectively reach your target audience.

Use Fresh Eyes

For larger brands with several product lines, using fresh eyes is a great way to unblock your team’s creativity flow. Consider assigning different obstacles to a new group of marketing professionals who specialize in a different product. These marketers will be able to approach the problem as if they were the customers themselves. This method eliminates the bias viewpoints and can spark new innovative ideas for your overall brand.

Once you have achieved a list of possible solutions, we, as creative executive recruiters highly recommend you pressure-test each strategy. Give your team the time to imagine how the strategy could play out. Will it fail? What other obstacles will they have to overcome? Why do you think the target market will respond better to this method? Questioning each step allows your team to think as leaders and create a solid marketing plan each member feels strongly about.

In addition to fresh eyes, the leading digital executive search firm highly recommends you make sure your team is diverse from the start. The inclusion of different backgrounds and experiences helps marketers better understand their customers, and what is needed in a product or service.
Essentially, if your consumers are diverse, your team should be too. It will help you create more room for your team to focus on the creative side that will effectively align and speak to your target market.


At the end of the day, innovative or creative marketing is not inherited and cannot be created by one individual. You need a group of great marketers who can spot opportunities within the target market and create a marketing strategy to capture the attention of consumers. By incorporating the tips above, you can spend your time, budget, and efforts wisely.

However, to effectively carry out your marketing strategy, you must have the right diverse marketing team to start with. Without the right marketers on your side, you will more than likely fall behind your competitors and waste valuable resources.

Therefore, if you have had recruitment troubles in the past, the best solution is to turn to a professional. By partnering with the top creative executive recruiters, you will be given a diverse slate of top talents to choose from and give your team a sharper competitive edge.