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With over three-quarters of employers reporting they have experienced moderate to extreme skills shortages in the last year and, of these, a fifth labeled them as extreme, trying to engage with and recruit talent is proven to be an ongoing challenge.

So how do you go about attracting the best candidates and what is it that you can provide them with, in order to encourage them to apply for your companies roles?

Make it easy to apply

Today’s candidates want an application process that is quick and easy. Hunting for jobs can be a stressful situation and you don’t want to make the process complicated by providing endless portals and login pages. On average candidates apply for 27 jobs before receiving an interview which means filling in multiple applications.

Make it easy for them and increase your application completion rate by cutting out unnecessary stages in your application, for example, aim for a two-stage process: Email login-in and uploading a CV. Although this process isn’t realistic for all companies, simplifying things does help. After all the less work you ask them to do, the more likely the will do it.

75% of hiring and talent managers use either applicant tracking or recruiting software to improve their hiring process” – Capterra

Sell Your Culture

When you think of working at companies like Google, Airbnb, Apple etc. what comes to mind? More than likely the first thing that will pop into your head is their dress code, free meals, flexible schedules, and quirky office designs. All of these companies have made a commitment to selling their companies culture to job seekers.

While your company may not have the same brand recognition as these, it doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t put the effort and commitment into selling your companies culture. Investing in recruitment marketing/employer branding may well be something you should look into. Having a platform that allows you to showcase a realistic cultural preview alongside your companies roles is ideal.

The purpose is to sell your jobs to people that will flourish in your company. The best recruitment advertising attracts good candidates while simultaneously discouraging applicants who would not fit in with the company culture.

Tell Your Story

How can you attract the best candidates? Job seekers are selective about who they want to work for with 35% of them saying that the repute of a company they applied to prompted their decision on whether or not to accept their current job. Investing in your employer branding is vital if you want to sell them the role. Showcase your story in words, video, and pictures with your employees talking about their experience of life at your company.

Simply put, candidates trust employees three times more than any employer when it comes to providing information about working at a company. So let your employees do the speaking for you and allow them to tell others why your company is a great place to work.

92% of candidates say they would consider leaving their current jobs if a company with an excellent corporate reputation offered them another role.” – CR

Offer Perks

Many people consider their jobs part of their lives, not just something they do from 9-5 every day. Offering perks allow you to attract candidates in a unique way. It gives you that extra selling point when trying to get candidates to apply for your roles and could be that influential factor that encourages them to choose your company over a competing company.

Things like flexible working options, smartphones, parcel concierge, staff outings, Free Coffee / Tea etc. small things that help make employees lives easier. Companies that are seen to go that extra step are the ones who will get the candidates to press that apply button in the end.