Love will be in the air this Valentine’s, but maybe not at work.

Have you fallen out of love with your job? I remember at my last job that happened. When I first started working there, I was so passionate about what I was doing.

Coming up with new ideas, staying up late thinking of new ways to grow the company, and talking about it non-stop to friends and family.

Over time though, I fell out of love. I tried falling back in love, several times, but like any rocky relationship, it had to end eventually.


Employers will rarely do anything for you to fall back in love, so it’s really up to you to find ways to fall back in love with your job. I’ll share 5 great tips on how to fall back in love with your job, but first I want to introduce a concept called positive psychology.

From Wikipedia: Positive psychologists seek “to find and nurture genius and talent” and “to make normal life more fulfilling”.

This is a really interesting idea, and I recommend that everyone learn more about positive psychology. Everyone has talent, it’s really just up to you to discover what it is, and then flourish it. If you can translate that into your work life, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll be happier.

If you ask anyone about positive psychology, one name that’s bound to come up over and over again is Martin Seligman.

He’s a psychology professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and the director of the university’s positive psychology center.

Martin gave a TED talk in 2004 about positive psychology, and it’s definitely worth watching:

So, if you’ve fallen out of love with your job, here are 5 ways that you call fall back in love.

1. Mentor another employee

When you help another employee, you end up feeling better about yourself.

You feel more confident, and ready to accomplish any task you have. Even if you’re time constrained, help someone. There was a study done at the University of Wharton that showed that if you help someone for 10-30 minutes per day, you actually feel LESS time constrained, which makes sense, because again it boosts your confidence.

You can also learn what they like about the job, and that might spark some love back into you, and help you remember why you loved working there so much. Plus chances are the person you’re mentoring will be a newer employee, so he’ll have that same excitement and passion that you once did.

2. Learn something new about your work

Speaking from personal experience, there was a time when I was just starting to get disengaged, and then I found out about a few exciting projects that other departments had just started working on, and it really got me excited.

I took a second to reflect, and realized that this company did in fact work on pretty amazing stuff.

This might sound corny, but you should pretend that you’re a new employee all over again with little or no knowledge about the company and the industry. Then explore. Find out what conferences are in your industry, or watch a webinar about your industry. Something to try and spark that flame again, and remind you why you started working there.

3. Find something to get passionate about

It’s natural that after a few weeks of working at a job, you start to get into a routine, and everything seems mundane.

Here’s a great tip to fix that: Set goals for yourself (like mini-challenges), and then execute.

Pick little pet projects that you can achieve yourself. Getting recognition from your coworkers for a side project that you did yourself will be so rewarding, that it’s bound to rekindle some of that old love you once had for the job.

If I can share a personal story again, I was working for an enterprise software company, and I had a little side initiative to set up a news website, so that our company would become the industry authority on the topic we were focused on.

It didn’t ever come to be, but it was fun to work on, and being able to show it to coworkers was a great experience.

4. Become closer with co-workers

A very easy way to become happier at work, and maybe fall back in love, is to become closer friends with your coworkers,

Ideally, you want a close team that really acts like a family. And I’m not making this stuff up, there’s science that backs me up on this.

A study done at the London school of economics found that socializing with colleagues is the only thing proven to make you as happy than when you’re not at work.

Then there’s another study that Gallup did, and they found that if you have a best friend at work, you’re much more motivated and productive.

Maybe they’re falling out of love with their job as well, and you can all help each other.

5. Learn a new skill outside of work

Personal growth is a great way to feel better about yourself mentally, and that might help make you fall back in love with your job.

I remember that it was around the same time that I was falling out of love with my last job that I started to take courses online for my own personal growth and development. I’ve written about this before, but there are great websites to find new skills to learn.

It’s important to take a step back and think about why you joined the company in the first place. If you do all of these things, and there’s still no love, it might be time to break up…and with that said, Happy Valentine’s day!

What tips will you use to fall in love with your job?

Let me know in the comments!