There may be magic in the air, but for job hunters the holidays can feel like an extended chill. Over Thanksgiving several people asked me if they should put their job search on hold until the new year. It’s an understandable question given the hectic pace of December with shopping, school performances, holiday parties and travel.

Many assume that employers are distracted and possibly irritated by the intrusion of job seekers. The reality, however, is that December is a great month to job search based on quantitative and qualitative measures.

Here are some reasons why you should be encouraged about your job hunting prospects during the holidays:

Companies Hire for their “Reindeer Team”

According the the JOLTS data from The Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the seasonally adjusted hire rate during December for six of the last 10 years was greater in December than the average for the year. The remaining four years were off by a mere 1-4%.

Job Openings “Rock” in December

Simply Hired’s Job Trend Report shows that job openings were up 3.9% last December and that it was one of the six best months in the last year for job openings momentum.

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

People tend to be nicer in December. Maybe it’s the spiked eggnog or excitement about a stocking filled with bonus money, but the odds of getting people to be helpful are better.

Oh What Fun

Congregating comes naturally during the holidays. People are in the mindset of being with others at their holiday parties, visiting the relatives and neighbors and hanging with the family. Take advantage of the momentum and get them talking about their company needs, who they know and how they can help you.

And to keep a smile on, Join the Chorus

I’m dreaming of a direct deposit
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the bank account jingles
And hearts tingle
To hear laughter in one’s home.

I’m dreaming of a new employer
With every tweet and message that I send
May your hiring be swift and plentiful
And may all your new hires be successful.

A job might be just the thing to put on your holiday list this year. Here at CareerFuel, one of our guest bloggers (Deborah Brody Hamilton) received and accepted a job offer last Christmas Eve after several months of unemployment. Maybe you could be this year’s magical story.

photo credit: SalFalko via photopin cc