When the Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series, it ended a 108 year drought. Before making it to the World Series in 2016, the Cubs had not participated in the Fall Classic since 1945. It took a massive culture change and a bunch of smart business decisions to turn the Cubs into winners. Here is a look at how the Cubs became a success through smart hiring practices.

The famous Wrigley Field sign lit up with “Cubs Win!” Source: groundfloorpartners.com

Hire Experts Who Get Results

The key moment in the turnaround of the Cubs franchise came when Tom Ricketts convinced his family to buy the team. Ricketts brought with him a track record of business success through hiring the right people. When Ricketts took over as chairman of the franchise, he realized that he needed to go out and find an expert to remake the team.

This sounds simple, but it’s something that many businesses fail to do. There are businesses out there, especially tight knit family businesses, who refuse to hire consultants. Or they think they are getting a better deal hiring someone with lower salary requirements who can be groomed for the job.

In business, getting help from an expert can lead to success. You can’t be too proud to ask for help. Ricketts asked for help from Theo Epstein, who had already turned around the Boston Red Sox to end their 86-year championship drought. Just 5 years after hiring Epstein as general manager in October 2011, the Cubs stood on top of the baseball world.

When Hiring Managers, Look for Listeners, not Dictators

In this clip from his November 2014 press conference, manager Joe Maddon discusses his new inclusive management style and the support from the owners of the team.

Experts become experts because they are willing to learn from other experts. Epstein decided to keep the Cubs moving along the path to success by hiring Joe Maddon as the team’s manager prior to the 2015 season. Maddon brought along with him the kind of team-building positive attitude that would turn around the franchise.

In his introductory press conference with the team, Maddon uttered his now famous phrase, “Never let the pressure exceed the pleasure.” This sums up Maddon’s management style. His goal is for his players to always have as much fun as possible by enjoying each moment as it comes.

Your business can benefit by absorbing this lesson. Instead of letting the pressure of having to accomplish a certain goal overwhelm you, simply focus on having fun accomplishing each step along the way towards your goals.

Trust the Process

Another thing Maddon said was, “The process is fearless, because I don’t want to spend time on the outcome.” This is how the best businesses approach things. Instead of worrying about how the Cubs had to overcome 108 years of failure, Maddon made sure to keep his players focused on trusting the process. If your employees can embrace this approach, your company will find tremendous success in the business world.

Give Employees a Break

Another thing that Maddon did that loosened the team up and helped them win was forgetting about a dress code. Instead of making his players wear suits during the summer, he let them dress comfortably. They had several fun road trips where they wore themed outfits like basketball-style warmup tracksuits during the NBA Finals and zany suits for a Miami road trip. Letting your employees feel more comfortable on the job is a great way to boost morale. This could include work at home days, work outings or casual dress.

Never forget that the Chicago Cubs are a business organization. If they can become a success, any organization can. If you want to guide your business to success, follow the Cubs’ path.