Hiring the right staff for your agency is one of the biggest challenges for growing business. We moaned out loud and like an angel,Louise Lawton at the Creative Store helped us out. Here’s what she suggests.

Behavioural Questioning

Louise suggested since were were interviewing for a graduate role, we use behavioural questions. This is interviewing based on discovering how the interviewee acted in specific employment-related situations.

Behavioural interviews are a common style of interview – particularly for graduate roles. A behavioural interview consists of questions that require you to reflect on your past experiences and present specific real-life examples to demonstrate your skills.

Here are her top tips for questions to ask

  • Describe a time when you were faced with a stressful situation that demonstrated your coping skills.
  • Give me a specific example of a time when you used good judgment and logic in solving a problem.
  • Give me an example of a time when you set a goal and were able to meet or achieve it.
  • Tell me about a time when you had too many things to do and you were required to prioritise your tasks (you are looking to see if they used good project management skills, committed to paper / online),
  • Give me an example of a time when you had to make a split second decision. (and see how long it takes for them to think of an example).
  • What is your typical way of dealing with conflict situations? For example, if your client wants to do something one way, but you really feel it should be done another way.
  • Tell me about a time you were able to successfully deal with another person even when that individual may not have personally liked you (or vice versa).
  • Tell me about a difficult decision you’ve made in the last year.
  • Give me an example of a time when something you tried to accomplish and failed. (did they try again, change tact, or give up).
  • Give me an example of when you showed initiative and took the lead.
  • Tell me about a time at university when you delegated a project effectively.
  • Describe a time when you anticipated potential problems and developed preventive measures.
  • Tell me about a time when you were forced to make an unpopular decision.
  • Do you set your sights too high (or too low). (If they start with high – then they are optimistic and achievers).

Anyone tried these?

Recommendations of other questions to try out?