Interim Managers

There are many good reasons why a company should seriously consider hiring interim managers on a temporary basis. While such managers will probably not stay with the company long-term (unless you offer them full-time employment) they bring a lot to the table and can help to make your company significantly more effective and efficient than before. Following are the five main benefits of hiring an interim (aka temporary) manager.

Save Money

Hiring an interim manager is cost effective, as companies do not have to offer temporary managers benefits such as health care, paid leave, paid vacation, and the like. What is more, the average salary for an interim manager is significantly lower than it would be for a full time manager or executive.

Immediate Availability

In most cases, a company that wants to hire an experienced manager would need to find such a manager at a competing firm. In these cases, the manager may need to give notice to his or her present employer before beginning work at your company, which means that it could take up to several months from the time the manager is hired until he or she actually starts work with the company. Interim managers, on the other hand, are immediately available and can start work on your timetable.

Experienced, Competent Assistance

Interim managers not only have appropriate educational qualifications but also a great deal of experience working with companies from various industries and teams of various sizes. They know how to handle a wide range of problems and challenges, motivate team members, keep track of finances, budget and other important tasks. If you are looking for someone experienced and competent to head up a department, an interim manager is probably your best bet.

No “Baggage”

Interim managers know from the onset that the job is temporary and so are not interested in getting involved in office politics. They will not cover for sloppy, sub-par employees to curry their favor; neither will they “cook the books” to tell you what they think you want to hear. Interim managers also tend to avoid getting caught up in office gossip and politics, dedicating their full time and resources to doing their job instead of worrying about their future with the company.

Quick Results

Finally, interim managers have a track record for getting results. Unlike other managers who need time to settle into a new job, interim managers can start producing results in a few days, as they have experience with adjusting to new company cultures quickly and easily.

Interim managers either operate as freelancers or work with an outsourcing company that can recommend them for various job opportunities. A company owner who is interested in hiring such a manager would do well to consider the job qualifications and past experience of various individuals to see which one would be the best fit for the company. It is also a wise idea to ask for a referral from one or more past employers. Doing so can enable a company to find a qualified, competent interim manager who possesses the qualities outlined above.

One other option is to hire the professionals to find the perfect interim manager for you to get your startup division off the ground.  Executive search and recruitment firms offer to find your business suitable interim candidates that match your profile credentials in about one week to ten days.  Executive search and recruitment firms can have access and networks to much larger talent pools across the globe to help you find the right candidate for the right role.