Want to know the secret to hiring the very best employees in your industry, and creating a team loaded with all-stars? It’s really pretty simple. Call up all the ace talents you know, and ask how much you’d have to pay them to come work for you. Whatever number they throw out, make it their salary. And there you go!

Of course I’m being facetious, but I’m trying to make a point. If money were no object, hiring great talents would probably be pretty easy. When you have a limited budget, though—as all businesses do—hiring can be harder. There may be some great talents you’d like to poach, yet you fear that you simply don’t have the resources to make it worth their while.

There are ways to work around this, though. As a speaker and thought leader in the field of team building, I’ve witnessed some great strategies for hiring top talents, even while on a tight budget. Let me share a few of them with you.

Know the value of outsourcing. There may be certain tasks that you can simply outsource to someone to do, rather than bringing on a full-time, salaried staff member. This can save you some money on payroll and benefits, which will open more doors for when you do hire salaried team members.

Play up your small size. Believe it or not, many top talents leave bigger companies for smaller ones—even taking pay cuts to do so—in order to enjoy new challenges and autonomy. When recruiting, use your company’s smaller size as a selling point—not something to be embarrassed about.

Offer great benefits. Can’t offer a top salary? Well maybe you can offer childcare assistance, transportation stipends, opportunities to work from home, more vacation days, and so on. Try to be competitive with all your benefits.

Make use of your existing employees. Spend some time chatting with your engaged, loyal team members about some of their connections. Ask them to refer new employees to you, and trust them to present your company in the best possible light.

Don’t let money hinder you from trying to assemble your dream team!